Creating a PowerPoint from your Adobe Captivate slides

Originally I uploaded a PowerPoint presentation into Captivate and started the process of tweaking for the video I was creating. After finishing, I was asked to send a PPT with the video then I found out exporting back out to PowerPoint was a problem. I researched and ran across a limited amount of options…none easy. However, I discovered if you use the “Edit your whole presentation in PPT” feature, you can then copy all of the slides once in the edit mode in PPT and then paste them into a new file. You can’t pull across the Notes connected to each slide, but at least all the images and slides are done super easy. Thought I’d share!

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Exasperated Customer

It has been a long time since I have had a buying experience as miserable as this. All I wanted to do was buy a piece of software. The first 20 minutes was spent getting ran around from one tangential article to the next. Once I finally found the “Buy” button, my troubles really began. Once I started the download, it kept bugging me to re-enter my password every few minutes. Once I was done downloading, I found out that I needed to download another app just to unzip the thing. I did that and the whole thing lost track of the original file. So now I am downloading the whole damn thing all over again. What kind of amateur hour are you running over there? If this had been a Microsoft product, it would have been a breeze.

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Captivate Testimonial

With a few hours using Adobe Captivate, I converted a mixed-media PowerPoint presentation to an interactive app through Adobe Captivate. Now my students can review the lesson between class hours! The software is quite user-friendly, and while I’m still learning how to customize formats that the quiz pages come in, it is a fabulous way to enhance my school’s curriculum. Since my students are in the elementary bracket, I am considering integration with Animate to get interactive animations. I look forward to the ways that my students will interact with these elements!

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Shout-out to Captivate Community members

I want to give a big shout-out to the Adobe Captivate Community and specifically Lieve Weymeis,  Paul Wilson and RodWard for jumping to my support on my first Q&A post. I was struggling with how to make a Captivate Project available to my instructors for a course I was taking and their feedback had been really helpful and particularly Paul was providing me insights beyond the actual question I posted.

It is great to see such an active community, particularly when you start out with a new software and everything is a big question, even those things that most members here may find is just “old news”. Thanks for helping us newbies out!

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Adobe Conference (East) 2018

This was my 3rd year attending the Adobe eLearning Conference in Washington DC sponsored by Carahsoft and as always, Adobe didn’t fail to deliver.  In addition to participating in the Specialist Certification session prior to the conference, I attended sessions by industry leaders like Phil Cowcill, Mark Lassoff, Damian Bruyndonckx, and James Kingsley.

The conference has grown significantly since the first year, but they still manage to provide great session choices, surprisingly good breakfast and lunch, and fun sneak peeks into what they are working on for future products and releases.

It was the first conference I’ve been to since diving more deeply into Captivate and Adobe products that I didn’t feel like a complete novice, and while I missed going to the “getting started” type sessions by Dr. Poojah Jaisingh, Ray Jimenez, and Paul Wilson, who I have followed and learned so much from over the past few years, I did enjoy getting to visit with them during breaks, and was able to still keep learning from a new group of experts.

There are always  new and exciting things to learn and take away from these conferences, and I eagerly look forward to the next one knowing that even though the names are familiar, the topics and content will be fresh and cutting edge.

Thanks again to Adobe for a great conference and I can’t wait for the next one!

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Adobe Learning Evangalists on Lynda as well!

I think it’s great that there’s a lot of community contribution here, but it’s nice to see some of the same names appearing both here and elsewhere.  Today I went to to find more resources, and found Pooja Jaisingh there as well!  Great!  She posted in one of her posts on here that you could got to lynda for more tutorials, and it’s worth noting you might have free access to lynda through your local public library.

The more information the merrier!

I was also astounded to find Paul Wilson’s article “Why Pay For It at All” ( and I thought “This is too good to be true!”  Then I found that he had posted the same thing here in the forums!  (  This is such an amazing opportunity for educators to be active in the learning community, I had to share it with my classmates in my graduate program.

I’m looking forward to getting deeper into this community and what it has to offer.  Since I haven’t started using the product yet, I’ve been focusing on the more general articles.  There are so many opportunities to learn!

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Impressive Community Support for a Newbie

While I’ve been using Adobe Creative Suite products for years, I’ve only recently been trialing Adobe Captivate.

The depth of content found in Adobe’s eLearning Community portal is amazing.

After I posted a question, a “Legend” responded with a very helpful answer in a matter of hours. Very impressive indeed!

Hopefully one day I can return the favor(s)!

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My first experience with Captivate

When I started captivate I really enjoyed using it. Then I realized I can make youtube videos with it so I made 10 videos. Then next I learned how to publish to youtube. Then I realized I can edit in there to. So I really started loving it especially with the high quality videos. Then my brother and I started to presentation to showcase our work and it was the first project that we published. We even published it to youtube. Just from that project I learned how to put music in a presentation and how to transport from powerpoint to captivate. Now since I published the project I recommend captivate to everybody even students for their projects, teachers with their work, youtubers with their videos, and ETC.

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New Book on Presenter 11

Big congrats to Kevin Siegel and Jennie Ruby, for the recent publication of his their new book on Presenter 11.  If Kevin’s name sounds familiar, you may recognize him from his acclaimed project estimation tool – a very cool widget that let’s you calculate / project project costs for eLearning.

This book covers Presenter 11 in solid detail. It approaches the material topically, providing a solid foundation in everything from audio to video and nicely includes quizzing and reporting alongside interactive smart learning components. You can check out the book at the link below.

Congrats again, Kevin and Jennie.