Captivate 2019 Testimonial

I am newer to Captivate 2019. I used Captivate 2008 back in the day. 2019 is a huge upgrade. Love the ability to take my e-learning sessions to the next level due to the virtual reality option. It has also reduced my e-learning creation time when faced with last minute training requests. This week I was asked to create an e-learning module which included at least 1 quiz. I was given 2 days to do it and the training content was still being finalized.  Usually this type of request would take me over 40 hours. The ability to import Power Point slides, quickly create a 10-20 question quiz, and use the hot spot feature reduced my creation time by 3 days and meet my tight deadline. My client was impressed with the results, especially because the module easily integrated with their LMS and looked beautiful on mobile devices – tablets and cell phones. Adobe Captive 2019 made this all possible and I looked like a pro.

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Trial Version Captivate Review

I am new to using Captivate but I love it already! I have been looking for a way to easily convert our internal training content into interactive self-study courses for a while and I believe I have finally found what I have been looking for.

As an internal trainer I want to be able to create sequential training simulations for our new hires and be able to assess learners for understanding before they progress to the next level. The features built into captivate will allow me to do exactly what I am trying to accomplish.

First, Captivate makes it easy to take my existing PowerPoint presentations and convert them into e-learning content that is interactive and allows me to assess for comprehension.  If remediation is required, I can take a learner back to an instructional content slide for a refresher. In the past I relied on learners to ask questions, which they don’t always do.

I can also create multi-branch courses (without programming experience) using a sample template and insert my content into the modules. The large selection of templates, themes and assets is extremely helpful and free.

Another great feature is now easy it is to create interactive software training. After demonstrating how to do something it is extremely helpful to be able to allow learners a chance to practice doing it and from a trainer standpoint, confirmation learners know where to click and how to navigate the software before moving on is essential; so being able to assess this in a simulation is a valuable tool.

Once I create my courses, I am also planning on integrating them into our LMS  with the Adobe Multi SCO Packager. Although I am new to using this program, it seems intuitive and I already feel confident I can make the jump from live trainer to e-learning with the help of the resources and support community.

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Adobe Captivate and Instructional Systems Series

As an Instructional Systems Specialist (ISS) for the US Government, I have used various authoring tools ranging from government off the shelf (GOTs) to commercial off the shelf (COTs) to include: Lectora, Articulate, Outstart, Camtasia, and good old fashion homegrown. Adobe Captivate has always stood above the rest since my initial introduction with Adobe Captivate 5.  Adobe Captivate 2019 is a huge step up since Captivate 5 let alone 2017. With the Help of Adobe Captivate 2019, ISS’s will be able to develop new learning experiences for our service members, while also upgrading the current courses with ease.

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Captivate 2019 Just Makes Life easy

I was a user of Captivate many years ago, but stopped using it when I changed jobs and the new employer used other tools. Then a couple of years ago, to make myself more marketable I downloaded Captivate 2017 and started participating regularly on the elearning site. Captivate 2017 was light years better than anything I had used in the past, but because I was working on a computer with minimum memory and slower hard drive the performance of captivate on the computer I was using was at best tedious, so after a few months and putting my job hunting in hold, I stopped using Captivate 2017.

A month ago, I started a new Instructional Design job, and I had a budget to develop a designer’s tool box, and since computing resources were no longer a barrier, I decided to purchase Captivate 2019. WOW!!! as soon as I had the software loaded on my system, I logged onto the elearning site and watched a couple of recorded Webinars and I couldn’t believe it, in less than 1 day I installed the software watched a couple of videos and then made a small scenario based project that worked.

Captivate 2019 is not only easy to use, but it is easy to get caught up using it. In the week after buying Captivate 2019, I have started  going through the “Mastering Adobe Captivate 2019 5th Edition” book, and signed up for the Captivate Specialist Certificate program. It is save to say that because of Captivate 2019 I will not stop using this tool again, at least not anytime soon!

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Time in Captivate – Building a clock (Part 1)

Hello Captivaters !…

After playing with variables concerning the Time (see Part 1), I thought I would be able to build a clock easily !…

In fact that was not the case… I think that the problem is that we can run actions “on entered” or “on closed” a slide, but not during it… (I even tried the “while” option with advanced actions without any success… ).

So I had to cheat !!!…


Do you have a better solution ?…

In my next attempt, I will try to do the same but with an additional javascript like “rotate.js”…

Happy Captivating !…

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Time in Captivate – The variables (Part 1)

Hello Captivaters !…

As I’m working on the Time, I try to compile all the solutions Captivate offers us to manipulate the resources, that is to say the “variables”…

In this project, I use Captivate and javascript :


It’s in french but I think everyone will understand all !…

I need you to complete/improve/translate this presentation !… Don’t hesitate to participate in the commentary area to share your lights !…

I will be happy to make another presentation with your comments, tips and tricks, javascript coding… about the time in Captivate !

Happy Captivating !…

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Video Demo Webcam

Some time ago posted a question regarding the background issues when using the video demo feature. This week I purchased a green screen that fits on the back of my office chair from Amazon. It does an excellent job! There is still a bit of flickering, but not as bad. It also serves to hide my office area when I’m on web calls. The only issue I have to resolve now is the glare on my computer onto my glasses.

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It’s Official!

On Friday, May 17th I accomplished one of my 2019 goals. I am officially an Adobe Captivate Specialist! It’s been a long journey. I went back and forth on whether  I should do this certification. Will it benefit me and my career? Well…I’m positive this certification will benefit me going forward. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me!  Thanks, to Paul Wilson for his continued support and encouragement and Anita Horsely for being a great instructor!

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Everyone Has a Voice

I got into the training industry by accident. The company that hired me did so because I was a subject matter expert in the area they needed to deliver training. They sent me on courses to learn the skills and knowledge required to be an instructional designer, and I’m forever in their debt. I found what I was meant to be doing.

When I decided to go freelance, I knew that becoming well known for my knowledge and skill would help me get new clients. I had worked as an instructional designer for two companies for over nine years. Only a handful of people knew that online learning design was something I had a talent for. I attended a few webinars online with Anita S Horsley, and I got to know her a little. I saw that she was a frequent speaker at the Adobe Learning Summit in Las Vegas. My initial thought was that I would love to be a speaker at Adobe Learning Summit, but all these speakers were people with masters degrees in education, and some were even PhDs. I was just a guy who knew how to do some stuff in Adobe Captivate. Through Anita, I made contact with the folks at Adobe. Their initial reaction was lukewarm until they realized that I was the guy making all these YouTube videos. They invited me to be a speaker at the first eLearning Conference in Washington D.C.

I remember showing up at my first Adobe eLearning Conference in 2016. To say I was nervous would have been an understatement. My topic was Test and Track with Adobe Captivate 9 with Adobe Captivate Prime. I had my little PowerPoint presentation which I thought was so amateurish, and I just hoped that I would be able to hold it together to get through the one-hour session. The conference was a great success. My session went well, and many people recognized me from my YouTube videos. To date, I have been invited back an additional six times. Each time I participate in these live events, I get a little bump in business. I get home to more requests for training or design jobs than is normal for me.

Since that time I haven’t looked at my role in this industry the same. You can have all the education in the world, written scholarly articles that theorize about where modern learning trends are heading. What matters is your ability to create effective training. I no longer get nervous when I present at conferences because I didn’t spend all those years at a college earning a fancy diploma. Now I get nervous for other reasons, but I have confidence in the material I deliver. Remember you aren’t born an online learning expert. It’s something you have to work at. It takes time, and you will make mistakes, but in the end, anyone can do what I and others do. There is nothing special about any of us. We just put in the work.

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