Free Hosted Learning Management Systems For Employee Training

Let’s go back to the times when there was no eLearning in the organizations. Those were the days where huge training materials piled up in organizations for employee training. Be it a technical training, onboard training, soft skills training or products and services training, highly qualified and professional trainers were appointed to conduct all these…

Rejuvenate Your Digital Learning Solutions with Mobile and Micro Learning

Learning proportions of the millennial workforce does matter for the improved results in an organization to be successful, including learning. Smartphone became a digital gateway for the learners to learn new things over the last few years. Hence most of the organizations made their move towards mobile learning and microlearning to deliver both formal and…

How To Deal Effectively With The Growing Presence Of BYOD In Education

BYOD has been discussed for many years. We have witnessed debates over its positive and negative influence on teaching results, its financial pros and cons, and its organizational aspects. There is still a lot to consider in order to elaborate the best ways to leverage BYOD, but one thing is certain: it’s not going away, and it’s a trend that will strongly influence digital education. Therefore, a question now is how a publisher can adjust to BYOD in education. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

5 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Learners Are Ready For A Responsive eLearning Course

How do you really know when it’s time to leave your classroom training or desktop-based courses behind and take a responsive eLearning approach? Thankfully, there are several signs that can provide you with the answer to that all-important question.

This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Top Tips On Best Device Decisions For Planning Successful Mobile Learning Projects

Are you eager to make use of the benefits of mobile for learning but not certain how to start? This article will outline the top tips for how to tackle those tough first decisions so that you and your team can make the best plans and preparations for successful mobile training projects.

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5 Easy Steps To Turn Next-Gen Into A Competitive Advantage

Sophia, a bright 16 year old student, is writing an assignment on osmosis. Not surprisingly, Sophia is bored with her text book! She quickly googles the term; reads a section of an eBook and watches a two-minute video on the same. Sophia is Gen Z. In this article we will examine how to turn next-gen into a competitive advantage.

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Top 3 Myths About BYOD In The Classroom

BYOD has gained some momentum in today's education system. More and more educational staff seriously consider the adoption of BYOD in their instruction. So let's place the next 3 myths about BYOD in the classroom right next to dragons, flying horses, and the treasure at the end of the rainbow.

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