eLearning App Trends Defining Educational App Development

This article will analyze the most notable rising trends in eLearning app development. These trends are expected to bring a massive change to the world of eLearning, both corporate and academic. Let's take a look.

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The L&D Global Sentiment Survey 2021 – the impact of Covid

Wenn auf die eine Frage, „What will be hot in L&D in 2021?”, die meisten Befragten mit „Reskilling/upskilling“ antworten, was bedeutet das? Denn „Reskilling/upskilling“ meint ja nichts anderes als das Tagesgeschäft von L&D (Learning & Development). Donald H Taylor interpretiert das Votum als einen Corona-bedingten „move to the familiar“, denn im Gegenzug verloren vor allem Künstliche Intelligenz und Learning Analytics Prozentpunkte und Plätze.

Das einzige Thema, dem dieses Jahr mehr Aufmerksamkeit als im letzten Jahr geschenkt wurde, ist übrigens „Collaboration/social learning“. Donald H Taylor schreibt hier mit Blick auf die COVID-19 Pandemie: „Last year, collaboration and social learning moved from theoretical to practical, and became super hot.“

Die Umfrage wurde in der achten Auflage zwischen dem 30. November 2020 und dem 31. Januar 2021 durchgeführt. 3.114 Menschen haben teilgenommen. Ich nutze sie vor allem, um über die Stichworte mit anderen ins Gespräch zu kommen.
Donald H Taylor, Blog, 1. Februar 2021


Use AI to drive learning objectives

One of the key business drivers for any learning platform is the voluntary uptake of training content by learners.

The key challenge here is to not just make a repository of thousands of pieces of content available, but to also help the learner pick and choose, and to recommend the most relevant learning to them. Additionally, it helps to also be a platform that allows learners to contribute by uploading content and have discussions with peers, mimicking how human beings learn in the physical world.

Adobe Captivate Prime uses an AI-based recommendation engine to achieve this kind of intelligent sifting and driving of learning outcomes and also employs Topic Modelling AI algorithms to evaluate user generated content.

With the right kind of AI enablement, and the move from the stress on manual effort, Captivate Prime empowers you to keep learners interested and engaged with the platform.

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AI-Powered LMS And Standard LMS? Which One To Choose?

AI-powered LMSs are the future, they are being widely introduced in business and education today. Empowering Learning Management Systems with AI gives a number of tangible advantages: automatic error correction, personalized content, curriculum automation.

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