Here are my thoughts for 2021, the ‘year after covid’ – we won’t be back to ‘normal’, and we’ll finally stop hearing about a return to ‘normal’ or some form of ‘new normal’.

We’ll finally accept that covid has changed the way we live, shop, work, socialise, travel, exercise, etc. We will finally accept that what we had is gone and we can/must look ahead to working out what we need in this new world and aim towards that instead.

If we don’t, or can’t do that, then we miss the great opportunity to reset so much of our lives that are out of balance – either with each other or out of balance with our world. Accept where we are and how we got here, learn from what happened (the good and the bad), and plan for the future.

For me, 2021 needs to be different and better than we’ve had before. That doesn’t mean better than 2020, or even 2019, but better than we’ve planned or better than we’ve lived. 2021 needs to be to time we re-group, re-evaluate, re-start our lives, together. By realising our strengths and playing to them, and by accepting our weaknesses and learning from them, we can all do our bit to stop the rot, stop the bitterness, and stop the return to a ‘normal’ we didn’t much like to start with.

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash