Quiz showing incorrect score

Really hoping someone can help me.

One of my courses is reporting it’s quiz score incorrectly.

I have 15 single answer multiple choice quiz questions each with a point value of 1 and a penalty value of 0. There is also one drag and drop interaction included in the quiz with a point value of 1 and penalty of 0. Giving my quiz a total value of 16 points.

However in my quiz preferences it is showing a total point value of 166. I have checked all click boxes and buttons to see if they were included in the quiz and given a point value but they weren’t. Any suggestions on how I can find the missing 150 points?

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What is the best way to create a short answer multiple response question type?

I would like to have a question type that invites the user to type in responses and then check the answers against a pool of correct answers. It would be similar to a multiple response question, but the user types the answers in rather than makes a selection. This would be a better test of knowledge.

For example:

Question: Name four types of car manufacturer

There would then be four input fields that would check against a pool of correct answers e.g.

Audi, BMW, Citroen, Dacia, Kia, Lancia

The user would enter four and be awarded a point for each correct one.

I have looked at the fill-in-the-blank and short answer styles but they are not flexible enough. I am sure it can be done, so would be interested to hear from anyone who has had experience doing this or could suggest the best way to do it!

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How do you add a results slide to a Captivate assessment if one doesn’t populate automatically?

I’m coming to Captivate from Storyline and do not see where you can insert a results slide for an assessment. In Storyline it is really easy to do this — like two steps.

Where do you do this in Captivate? I created a software simulation with a couple of steps and specified that I wanted to include those slides in a quiz.

However, the results slide did not populate automatically and I do not see where to insert it.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.

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Quiz messages

I had developed a series of responsive online modules – with a short quiz at the end of each module.  Initially I only had 5 questions and the messaging for correct/incorrect answers worked well.  When I went back and added additional quiz questions – the messaging will not work for those additional questions.  I have checked the preferences and can’t find any reason why they are not appearing.  The scoring page has taken into account the additional questions.

Hope someone can help


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Captivate Advance Answer Slide HELP needed

Need your help. I am new to Captivate and have built my first quiz. I used advanced actions to display a message for each correct or incorrect answer. However after the message displays it’s jumping to the next slide and I need it to stay on that slide until the person clicks on the correct answer, then it goes to the next slide/question. What am I doing wrong and THANKS, Norah in Calgary.

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Quiz Preferences Error – Internal Server Reporting

Has anyone else had this issue where Account ID and Password fields overlay the Server field, and does anyone know a fix?

I can’t figure out why they’ve shown up (only the Server field appeared previously) and I can’t seem to get rid of them: Yes I’ve tried entering my ID and password as well as restarting the application and computer.

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Prevent student skipping quiz question

Requirement –

We are building an eLearning with knowledge check style questions build through out the content. Normally we would use KC slides but the project owner wants to have the results of the questions sent through to the LMS. Why not just create a separate Quiz? Because the project owner doesn’t want to and doesn’t want this to be a Pass Fail situation, simply KC but where the LMS shows holes in the students knowledge.

Issue – We have created a Quiz and inter spaced the questions between our content. This works. At the end the result of the questions are show – 13/26 50% etc. And the data for each question is sent to the LMS. Except the student can click Next through each question without answering and only at the end of the long eLearning does the You have only answered x of Y questions.

Solution – combine the Please answer of the KC slides with the Quiz slides. Is this possible? I have looked at using System and User variables to somehow work out the current Points (Which makes it so that only if you are right you can proceed) or Did an Interaction (which doesn’t exist).

Help? thanks!

Quiz Results Slide Issue

I deleted two buttons from my Quiz results project slide. I see the buttons still there on the master results slide view, but when I reset the project slide, the buttons do not reappear.

I am unable to insert a new quiz results slide with those default buttons. And I believe the changes (deletions) I made in my project results slide is preventing my widget from posting the results to a google document.

I tired to make a new project, but even starting fresh with a new quiz results slide, the buttons are still missing meaning the changes I have made are now a default? How can I restore the original results slide?



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Retaking a quiz doesn’t close the module in the LMS


I am developing with Captivate 2019 ( and using eLogic LMS.

I’ve recently been receiving calls from learners that they’re unable to close out of a module to go to the next one. I’ve verified that they’re doing what I set as completion activities (viewing 90% of slides) and asking them to click the “Exit” button in the module instead of using the X to close the window.

One learner has noticed that anytime he reviews the quiz that following these steps has made him unable to close the module, so I have to do it as the administrator of our LMS.

Is this a logical issue? Is there a way to make it close more consistently? Overall, I’m manually closing about 25% of all modules each month and I can’t sustain it and do new development.

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