Replacing video that has closed captioning in Captivate

I have a captivate module that has a video with closed captioning added through Captivate.

We had to delete a small portion of the video.

It seems, though, that when I replace the old video with the new one, the CC all goes away. 7 min video, 100+ captions.

If I replace the video, or update it, the CC goes away.

Is there any way to retain all the work done for the previous CC and apply to the new video?

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Captivate 9 Accessibility issues

I am having several issues with keyboard accessibility on a project I am working on.

  1. Unable to tab to the TOC button except on a Knowledge check slide.  For some reason it works here but everywhere else it tabs right past itUnable to tab to Hyperlinks in text boxes.
  2. These appear in the tab order but when tabbing through the slide are never reached.
  3. Tab order of Knowledge check slides is random.  The only item that shows up in the tab order is the submit button.  When I try to tab to the individual choices it randomly jumps from one to another.Any help with these issue would be greatly appreciated.

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Closed caption automatically switch off

Hi everyone,

I’m front a new issue with our favorite e-learning authoring tool, wich Adobe Captivate is

So my project has audio media : TTS from Captivate + external MP4 video files

I create synchronize subtitles during all the project.
A ‘home made Closed captions button‘  is added and working perfectly during all the project.
The problem is : when I publish the module with the captivate playbar the Closed captions stay visible until the user press subtitle button, but,
When the project is published without ‘Adobe captivate playbarthe Closed captions automatically switch off and user has to press again and again the button to show and read them…

Here a short video demonstration to present this bug:

Anyone has this problem? How to resolved?
Many thanks for the help

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Using Captivate for web based courses?

Does anyone use DW for building web based training courses? I am having a lot of issues with Captivate 2017 and 508/JAWs issues not working. I am wondering if working with DW would be easier as you can control the coding more than you can in Captivate. Any opinions?

Thank you,


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Adobe Captivate Toolbar is too small to see

As you can see I have 2 images the 1st is a perfect scaling. The 2nd image is what has happened to me this week. The scaling has reduced in size making it impossible to see anything. I haven’t changed anything on my computer and even when I have done it makes no difference to captivate itself.

Please help!

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