Quiz attempts

Hi Everybody,

I’m working on an eLearning that will have a quiz at the end. The user should be able to finish all 10 question. If the user doesn’t score enough points, it should be able to start the quiz again and after that they have another attempt. I set the attempts, but it checks the attempts per slide. So you have the attempts immediately on the slide but I want them to run the quiz completely and than have the option to do the quiz again.

The eLearning will go into Moodle and also here I can set attempts. My question is, if it is possible to have the user do the quiz and at the end have the option to do the quiz again and after 3 attempts, they should not be able to do the quiz any more.

The client also likes to mix questions. So 5 questions will always be the same and the other 5 will be selected out of 30 questions. So with every attempt 5 of the 10 questions should be different.
What would be the best way to set this up? Or should I have Moodle take care of this?

Thanks in advance (i’m running the latest version of Captivate)

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Leveraging Acrobat DC and Captivate 2017 to Enhance Self-directed Learning Opportunities


This past year I was presented with a very interesting design challenge. The challenge was to develop a guided interactive course that could be used in conjunction with anatomical simulators under the following conditions:

  • Product must be device agnostic
  • Project stakeholders globally dispersed
  • Interactive
  • Allows for self-directed learning
  • Can be used internationally
  • Usable in areas of the world with limited bandwidth
  • Once developed, relatively easy to modify by the client company

After some research and a great deal of thought a decision was made to develop an interactive PDF using Adobe Acrobat DC and Captivate, and to create a supplemental iBook to address the shortcomings in Acrobat DC reader for Apple mobile devices. All three development products are currently being used by the client’s education team to a limited degree, and with some transition training and support they should be able to maintain the final products.

Design and Development

The product design team consisted of a content developer, subject matter expert and a narrative editor.  The development cycle spanned six months which were divided into seven cycles:

  1. Data gathering – development of scripts, storyboards, quiz questions, and clinic cases
  2. Alpha product development – creation of iBook, associated widgets and captivate interactives
  3. Beta product development – revisions to iBook and creation of interactive PDF book
  4. User testing – iBook and PDF products demonstrated at the client’s annual conference and used as a resource in conference simulator workshops
  5. Product Enhancements – incorporate simulator software updates, create a supporting course in the learning management system, and produce production versions of the iBook and interactive PDF
  6. Delivery channel Implementation – work with client on creation of content delivery through their online store, and migration of iBook to the App store
  7. Support Team Training and Handoff – provide client with file masters and train the in-house team on product modification

Below are details for selected aspects of the project development.

Data Gathering

For this project I was fortunate to have a subject matter expert (SME) with a vested interest in the subject being taught with this project, is a well-known expert in the field, has taught in medical school for more than 20 years, and was a consultant on the simulator design.

Given the SMEs interest and expertise I charged him with the developing the initial draft of the learning content and worked with other experts in the content area on the development of micro-videos for some of the more difficult aspects of topic. While the experts worked on their contributions to the project, I gathered images, developed the storyboards and strawman design for the books and interactives. The SME used Word to develop his content, the other experts were give a copy of Camtasia 3 to record their videos (product is inexpensive and has a very small learning curve), and I used Captivate Draft for the strawman interactives and iBook for the book design strawman.  Simulator images were gathered from the product designers, micro videos were created by experts in the field, and general content images were acquired from a subscription-based royalty-free photo service.

A month into the development cycle Word documents developed by the SME were gathered revised to address multiple learning modalities as well as, digital learning needs and opportunities. The revised document was sent back to the SME for review and comment, and a follow-up conference call scheduled to discuss the materials and review design strawman.  After several conference calls with project stakeholders and a number of tweaks to the scripts an agreement was reached on the content design.

Product Development

During the alpha phase micro videos were created from teaching videos provided by experts in the field, assessment templates were created from Captivate Draft storyboards, and Word-based content documents where imported into Illustrator for page layout. Upon completion all design elements were provided to the SME and simulator team for review and comment.

Once approved the project design elements, assessment modules, articles and videos were used to create some interactive PDF workshop materials, learner workbook, an iBook and content specific online course.

PDF Design

The following screen shots were taken from the beta version of PDF document. Key elements are highlighted on the images, and where appropriate links to tutorials for how the elements were added to a PDF are provided.

Tutorial for adding hyperlinks, page numbers and watermarks to pdf books https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/how-to/edit-pdf.html?playlist=/ccx/v1/collection/product/acrobat-dc/segment/designer/explevel/advanced/applaunch/orientation/collection.ccx.js?ref=helpx.adobe.com

Tutorial for editing text and images in pdf books https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/how-to/edit-text-images-pdf-files.html?playlist=/ccx/v1/collection/product/acrobat-dc/segment/designer/explevel/beginner/applaunch/basictraining/collection.ccx.js?ref=helpx.adobe.com

Tutorial for adding multimedia to a pdf https://youtu.be/u6jMe3dAaK4

Tutorial for converting forms to fillable pdfs https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/how-to/convert-word-excel-paper-pdf-forms.html?playlist=/ccx/v1/collection/product/acrobat-dc/segment/designer/explevel/advanced/applaunch/basictraining/collection.ccx.js?ref=helpx.adobe.com

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Adobe Captivate – Final Quiz Question Remediation

In this video tutorial, I show you how you can set up remediation for your final quiz questions. Remediation in eLearning is when a learner has exhausted their attempts and is returned to the portion of the training where this knowledge or skill was originally taught. Once they’ve gained the knowledge they will have the opportunity to return to that spot in the quiz, make another attempt, and hopefully be successful.

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California area – Meetup May 6-11, 2018

Hello everyone,

I will be attending ATD Conference, San Diego, which is happening between May 6-9, 2018. If you are attending this conference, please stop by the Adobe Booth; it will be great to catch up in person!
We would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions for Adobe Captivate and the eLearning Community.

If you are not attending the ATD conference, I am still available on May 10 and 11. Please write to me if you are free around this time, and we can meet.

I’m also looking to interact with various Captivate user groups, or anyone who is managing or part of a user group.
For any questions/clarifications, please write to me – shambu@adobe.com

It will be wonderful to meet you & hear your thoughts!

Product Manager

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Audio anomalies in HTML5 output

I am on a team with several Captivate 2017 users. We want to combine the slides from several Captivate files into one. We only output at HTML5 due to Flash being restricted on our LAN (and other reasons).

We found that when copy/pasting slides from one file into another, the audio gets modified. Some segments (not restricted to a single slide, often spanning more than one) get cut out and are replaced by the audio from a previous, unrelated project.

What can cause this? How do we avoid it?

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Adobe Captivate Foundations Course – Melbourne

When: 19 & 20 April

Where: TBC


Learning Plan’s face-to-face foundations training course will provide you with invaluable insight into the capabilities of Adobe Captivate 2017.

Over two days, you will learn how to create visually rich and highly interactive eLearning, and will have the chance to create your first interactive Adobe Captivate project.

Lead by John Stericker, our Certified Adobe Captivate Expert, you will trade ideas, pick up design tips, learn new skills and broaden your knowledge of Adobe Captivate as you learn from one of the best.

For more information on the course, click here.

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10+ Hacks with Captivate & the Creative Cloud | eLearning Storyboards with Captivate Draft

Increase productivity, and speed up your workflow by creating eLearning storyboards using Captivate Draft.

In this episode of 10+ Hacks with Captivate & the Creative Cloud I show you how you can quickly create Storyboards for your eLearning projects using Captivate Draft.  Easily upload to the Creative Cloud with a click of button, and BOOM! your storyboard becomes your actual project … INSTANTLY!

See Full Video Blog Here

Hope this helps!


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Adobe Captivate Subscription upgrade

As you all are aware that the Captivate subscription users are automatically upgraded to the latest version as soon as the newer version comes in the market. The only condition is that at the time of new release the Subscription should be active.

The next question which comes to the mind is being a user how can I install or upgrade to the latest version?

Answer to that is very simple all you need to do is download the trial version of the latest version of Adobe Captivate from the website and then activate it using the Adobe ID and password from which you’ve purchased the subscription. As soon as you will enter the Adobe ID and Password the system will validate from the Adobe Server that you have an active Adobe Captivate subscription and will convert the trial version into full paid version.

The same workflow needs to be followed if you are already paying for the subscription version of Captivate but due to some issues you’ve changed the computer and you want to reinstall on new machine.

Happy Captivating



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#eLearning #LiveStream – A Year of Fluid Boxes -Tuesday Mar 20th 16:00 EDT | 20:00 UTC

Join me for this Adobe Captivate eLearning Livestream, where I will be reviewing what I’ve learned after a year of using fluid boxes. Join this live session and have your responsive design fluid box questions ready for the live chat. I will be answering your questions.

Follow the link below at any time to set up a reminder to be notified when this event becomes live on March 20th at 4 PM Eastern Time.

If you enjoy my LIVE STREAMS, please share them with your colleagues and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel to make sure you’re notified of all my upcoming events.

P.S. Don’t forget to also register for a free one hour webinar on Mastering Custom Quizzes with Adobe Captivate 2017 scheduled for Wednesday, Mar 28, 2018, at 9 AM Pacific / 12 PM Eastern. https://www.trainingmagnetwork.com/events/1384?gref=pw

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Adobe Captivate – Click to Reveal with Multiple Audio Clips

In this video tutorial, I show you my workflow for creating a single-slide click to reveal that contains both slide audio, as well as additional triggered audio for each state of a multi-state object. Your instinct might be to attach the audio to the individual states of the multi-state audio but you will quickly discover that this doesn’t work so well.

Please note: that this type of interaction will not work with the built-in closed captioning for the additional audio items so you might want to include narration text on-screen for those who require closed captioning for accessibility purposes.

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