AI Chatbots In eLearning: Trends Embracing Across Digital Landscape

Intelligently-designed chatbots are becoming an essential part of digital life for most of the Learning and Development organizations. The new-age customers are exposed to smart chatbots and other intelligent systems on their personalized mobile devices including tablets and smartphones.

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Machine Learning Applications In Corporate eLearning

Artificial Intelligence is no longer reserved for sci-fi novels and Hollywood blockbusters. Now you can automate eLearning tasks with the help of your LMS. In this article, I’ll delve into the basics of Machine Learning and how it can be used to acquire Big Data in order to create more powerful eLearning experiences.

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What are the 3 big HR technology disruptions for 2018?

Auf Josh Bersin habe ich erst kürzlich verlinkt („HR Technology Disruptions for 2018“). Dieser Artikel enthält noch einmal so etwas wie Essenz seines Ausblicks. Er rückt hier vor allem die Bedeutung von Künstlicher Intelligenz für das Personalmanagement und seine Systeme noch einmal stärker in den Vordergrund. Er schreibt: „Nearly every HR technology vendor is now offering “machine learning,” “AI,” or some form of chatbot in their products.“

Es folgen einige Beispiele. Sie wirken zum Teil skurril, zum Teil sehr weit entfernt. Aber vielleicht werden wir uns irgendwann einmal wehmütig an diese Vorboten erinnern:

„Another vendor has an AI tool that can read documentation, identify the “learning” and “micro-learning” embedded in the language, and build a small quiz automatically. Imagine running this software against all your documentation, policy manuals, and safety procedures! It’s an instant “micro-learning” development system.“

Josh Bersin, Inside HR, 6. November 2017

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Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence: The Future Of eLearning

What does the future hold for predictive analytics and iterative automation in eLearning? In this article, I’ll discuss the many advantages of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I’ll also explore how these tech-centered strategies will transform the eLearning industry as we know it.

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Survey Results – Impact Of AI/Machine Learning On Workforce Capability

CapabilityCafe conducted a webinar survey on Impact of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning on Workforce Capability. The survey highlights the effects of emerging technologies like AI/ML and what this will require of HR/L&D teams. We surveyed 65 Learning and Development and HR Professionals.

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This Is How Artificial Intelligence Will Shape eLearning For Good

Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to impact our future and shape its development in many ways. But what is AI, how is it different from Machine Learning and, more importantly, how Artificial Intelligence will shape eLearning?

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