Trends In Learning Analytics: Educational Institutions Take Heed

Although Learning Analytics is currently in its infancy stage, learning institutions should take heed: ultimately, it will revolutionise the way all education is delivered. This paper provides an overview of the discipline, presents some visualisations, and discusses some possible future trends. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Machine Learning Applications in E-Learning: Bias, Risks and Mitigation

Stella Lee präsentiert eine gute, ausgewogene Darstellung der Vorteile und Herausforderungen, die mit den Entwicklungen in „adaptive e-learning, fueled by the advances of machine learning and artificial intelligence“ auf uns zukommen. Auf der Habenseite stehen die Möglichkeiten: Personalized learning paths, chatbots, performance indicators. Auf der anderen Seite die Herausforderungen: „prediction could be too prescriptive“, „adaptive learning is costly and time consuming to build“, „algorithm black box“, „trust“.

Sie wirft dann noch das Stichwort „explainable AI“ in die Runde: Nutzer sollten das Recht haben zu erfahren, wie zum Beispiel Algorithmen funktionieren und eingesetzt werden. Dazu passt eine Begegnung, die sie schildert: „One adaptive e-learning company I spoke to recently couldn’t tell me how many of their data scientists have a solid grasp of pedagogical principles; yet they are the people who make decisions on what and how we learn.“
Stella Lee, Chief Learning Officer, 12. September 2018

Bildquelle: Markus Spiske (Unsplash)

Speech Recognition In Training: What You Need To Know

Speech analysis is widely used in AI and Machine Learning. According to many forecasts, the demand for voice controlled devices will grow in the upcoming years. Speech recognition technology can sure find its place also in the eLearning industry and soft-skills training for employees. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Can You Afford NOT To Have A Learning Chatbot For Learning Support? Otto Is Here To Boost Your Workplace Performance

Organizations have long realized that there’s a gap between what’s taught at training and what employees need in the workplace. It’s not that the information is wrong, it’s more that it’s not there when really needed. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

10 Secrets To Transforming Your Organization’s L&D With A Chatbot

Chatbots are becoming ubiquitous. Chances are when you’re seeking customer support online you’re interacting with a bot rather than a human agent. They’re increasingly reliable, and they don’t have the human frailties of needing a break, falling ill, or forgetting key information. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Instructional Design: Data Is The New Plastics

In the classic movie, The Graduate, Dustin Hoffman's character gets pulled aside to hear the advice of the century. One word: plastics. For a Learning and Development professional today, that one word would be data. Data is the new plastics! Let's do some hands-on machine learning! This post was first published on eLearning Industry.