Split Audio Files Across Many Slides in Adobe Captivate

I ran into this recently when a client sent over some audio narration files to be imported into an eLearning course I was developing for them. They send the audio as one single long file. Your instinct might be to either ask them to resend them separated out or edit them yourself in an application like Adobe Audition.

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Pause buttons and audio in timeline not synced

I have slides where the audio needs to be paused until the user clicks buttons.

I am having an issue where the button pauses on the timeline don’t really pause the audio where they should. The further along in the timeline, the more the audio pauses are off. The first few audio pauses are spot-on, but the further along you go in the audio, the worse the delayed pause effect is. For example, if I want the the first few pauses at 0:03, 0:05, and 0:09, those pauses will work fairly well, and will pause at around 0:03, 0:05, and 0:09. However, if I want the audio to pause at 0:30, I have to set the pause at 0:28… two whole seconds earlier. The effect is cumulative, so by the time I get to 1:35 in the audio, the pauses have to be adjusted by a lot. How do you solve this issue, other than moving the button pauses to weird areas, to compensate?

I also tried using a Click Box to get the same effect; that worked, and the audio paused at the correct time, but there was a one-second delay before the audio started back up again, which is not a good User Experience.

Using: Captivate 2019 version

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Timeline Resources

Based on experiences as Captivate trainer/consultant and as moderator on the Adobe forums, I published a blog about the main stumbling blocks for Captivate newbies: Themes, Quizzes, Timeline. That was quite a while ago, but my perception has not changed at all, maybe a fourth challenge could be added; using Fluid Boxes.

For Themes and Quizzes I have already posted a reference document, listing the URL’s of all the blog posts created for those topics. As promised, you’ll find here a similar document for the main Challenge: Captivate’s Timeline. Last week a comment appeared on one of the Timeline blogs from a Captivate developer who has been using the tool since version 4 (11 years ago) butt still ignored the effect of the pausing point on slide audio. I was not astonished at all, because that topic seems to be ‘avoided’ in most training manuals and books.

Download this document:


The pdf has 3 pages:

  • First page has links to blogs and videos about the Timeline.
  • Second page summarizes all possible shortcut keys for use on the Timeline.
  • Last page shows the color codes for timelines.

I really hope to be able again to present a webinar or a live presentation about this topic. One of the listed tutorials is a converted presentation which I offered in 2017 and 2018 at Adobe summits.

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Narration from video almost inaudible

Another department did a screen recording with an audio narration. They gave it to me as a mp4. The video portion was unusable, but the audio was exactly what I wanted. So, I started a new Video Demo in captivate 2019, played the video in the background and captured the system audio while I steered along in the active video recording window. It was all falling into place quickly.

Playing form the timeline, it was just fine. However, when I used Captivate’s Preview or viewed a published SCORM item, the audio was practically inaudible.

I tried many iterations, like importing the audio as an mp3 and  a wav. Same results. During a couple tests, I played the audio file while screen recording with some other streaming audio playing from Pandora. I could heard the Pandora audio just fine, but the narration was just a bunch of scratchy noises.

I’ve tried different bit rates, audio file types, importing the narration, recording the narration as system audio… nothing. The lady’s voice is possessed.

What am I missing?

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Text to audio feature keeps cutting out first word of the slide notes

Hi, I’m new to Captivate & have been experimenting with typing in slide notes and then using the Text to Audio (Text to speech) feature rather than narrating the slides myself.

However I am finding that the automated voice recording is snipping off the a little bit of the first word when you play it back.

Has anyone else found this & is there a way of fixing it?

Thanks in advance


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What is the most efficient process for developing voiceovers?

So I recently realized that it is taking me way too long to do my voiceovers.  What is the most efficient way to get them done?  I am new to it so I’m trying to find some shortcuts to quick and easy ways to get them done.  Thanks.

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What is the best microphone you would recommend with Captivate?

I am trying to pick the best microphone, for the best voiceover quality, and I’m having a really hard time picking one.  Way too many options.  Could someone send me a quick recommendation and save me some time and anguish about this decision?  Thanks a ton.

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