Implementing Effective Game-Like eLearning Content: Case Study

Corporate Learning and Development teams are always looking for new ideas to help them achieve their training goals. The discussion of using games for learning has been going on for quite a while now, but only recently I had a chance to work on an interesting project!

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Play To Learn Book Review: The Ultimate Guide To Learning Game Design

Designing effective learning games is not for the timid. Karl Kapp and Sharon Boller know that well. It’s because of this that they have authored the ultimate guide to learning game design that’s called Play to Learn. In this article, I’ll provide you with an in-depth review of what this great piece of writing has to offer.

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Gamification And Serious Games: Differences And Benefits eLearning Pros Need To Know

Gamification and serious games offer similar benefits. They help to engage online learners, motivate them to succeed, and inspire them to achieve their true potential. But there are notable differences between these two popular approaches. In this article, I'll compare and contrast gamification versus serious games, then highlight the benefits of using them in your eLearning strategy.

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Narrative Driven Instructional Design: 3 Ways Serious Games Produce Compelling Learning

Stories should be a part of any Instructional Designers tool kit; they are a powerful technique to help learners explore and understand concepts. But stories are an underused component of Learning and Development; here we explore narrative driven Instructional Design, what we can learn from serious games, and how to weave stories into your designs.

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8 Secrets To Gamification Success In Corporate eLearning

Could your online training course benefit from some friendly competition? Do employees need badges, points, and other incentives to increase their motivation? In this article, I'll share the 8 secrets to gamification success in corporate eLearning.

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Der Report (36 S.) ist schon im letzten Jahr erschienen, aber die Herausgeber haben ihn erst mit Verspätung in ihre News geworfen. Es ist eine einführende Handreichung, die natürlich mit den Unterschieden zwischen “gamification”, “serious games” und “game-based learning” beginnt. Es folgt eine hilfreiche Übersicht über “game elements” und “player types”, übersetzt in einfache und klare Infografiken. Und da das Thema uns ja schon eine Weile begleitet, hebe ich kurz hervor, was der Report unter “a critical look” festhält:

“- There are very few scientific studies on Gamification. …
- Gamification does not guarantee learning. …
- Gamification does not make the class entertaining. …”

Observatory of Educational Innovation, Tecnológico de Monterrey, September 2016