Immersion Training In Senegal: Leading Global Innovation In Higher Education

After a highly selective and intensive 4-months preparation (January to April), the first 20 talents of FAST (Fast-track Acquisition of Skills Training in Technology, Engineering, and Entrepreneurship) are now ready to be immersed at leading enterprises in Senegal.

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5 Essential Training Skills To Keep In Your Back Pocket

Whether you're recent to the training function or seasoned veteran, these fundamental training skills are worth revisiting and refreshing when conducting any type of learning session. Practice them regularly and participants will embrace learning through your effective training approach.

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5 Personalization Strategies Elucidat Uses To Make Leadership Training Stick

Using personalization strategies is vital because it helps make leadership training stick. But every potential leader doesn't need the same leadership training. Read on to learn 5 personalization strategies to improve your leadership training.

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Post Brexit Skill Gap and eLearning Solutions

Brexit is the term used to describe withdrawal or exit of United Kingdom from European Union membership. On Thursday 23 June, 2016; people of United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union membership. In result of this mandate, a five paragraph plan (a part of Lisbon Treaty) called as Article 50 has been invoked on…

5 Ways To Use Simulations To Develop Leaders: Risk-Free, Realistic Leadership Preparation

The often repeated phrase “Good leaders aren’t always born – they can be made!” is true. Quite often though, these leaders are created with the help of highly sophisticated software; and not in boardrooms or around negotiating tables, but behind a screen and a keyboard! While traditional leadership development tools, such as learning exchange, action learning, and role-rotation, are good, they can be time consuming. There may be a considerable lag-time from the time that future leaders enter such programs, to the time they finally emerge as fully trained leaders. The use of simulators is a very quick, cost-effective, and risk-free way to develop leadership skills; and many world class organizations have already embraced them. In this article, we’ll talk about different ways to use simulations to develop leaders.

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3 Easy Ways Learning Managers Can Use Mobile Learning For Better Leadership Training

Do you have demands and requests for more relevant leadership training? Here are some great tips on how to use mobile learning to deliver meaningful, engaging leadership training with high impact.

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Context In Leadership Training: Without Context, Leadership Training Will Fail

When a company implements a leadership training initiative, they shouldn’t lose sight of the context of the workplace, the workers, and the work overall. Why do they need to address context in leadership training? Because leadership training fails when it tries to churn out the same type of leader for every situation.

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