Employee motivation and engagement is a critical component of employee relations in any organization today. When you add training requirements to everyday work tasks, it can be perceived as extra work that needs more time and energy than a person already spends at the workplace. It becomes imperative that employees feel propelled by something more than just managerial directives to take on and complete training. Additionally, L&D invests a lot in developing, procuring, and tailoring content for organizational training initiatives.

Click below to see how Adobe Captivate Prime can help you make training fun at work, and keep learners / employees engaged and motivated.

Make Training Fun – A 2021 customer guide

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How do you decide what kind of Training to create? Do you base it on the subject matter, length, format, user group, convenience? The good news is that all these factors help you decide.

Your Content Library may contain hundreds of training Modules, the smallest units of learning in Adobe Captivate Prime. When you start assembling these into Courses, Learning Programs and Certifications, it would help to keep in mind some objectives.

Click on the icon below to download our document on how to choose when to create a Course and when to create a Learning Program in captivate Prime.

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Engage Learners with Automated & Customized Emails

From the time a user is added and registered in the LMS there are a variety of actions they are subject to or undertake, from being assigned roles, to being enrolled in Trainings, to being waitlisted, to being sent reminders, to being sent recommendations for trainings they may like.

If you are an enterprise with a large number of employees, who may at any time be enrolled in a variety of training programs, at different stages of completion, it becomes hard to keep up with the updates of the “who, where, when, and what” in an organized and efficient manner when it comes to their training progress.

The provision of a variety of email notification templates is a very useful tool for Administrators of an LMS, enabling them to decide when an email should be sent and to whom, and to customize it as they see fit. Additionally, learners also benefit from a wide range of email notifications, keeping them posted on their onboarding status, enrollments in Trainings, approaching deadlines, and even how their colleagues are faring on the leaderboard.

Download our customer guide and find out more:

Automate and Customize Email Notifications – Customer Guide

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The Adobe Captivate Prime Power Bi Connector – Best practices and more

You can now configure Power BI to export unified reports from the LMS, enabling you to combine L&D data with the rest of your enterprise data, or just achieve combined learning reports as needed.

Download and read the document here  to find out more.

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Configure SAML Integration with ADFS


To enable Single Sign On (SSO) for users to access Adobe Captivate Prime, an IdP (Identity Provider) supporting SAML 2.0 (Security Assertion Markup Language version 2.0) is required.

The Adobe Captivate Prime LMS supports SAML 2.0, which enables SSO (Single Sign On) using IdPs such as ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services). The use of an IdP, in this case the ADFS, means that user authentication is handled outside the LMS.

The procedure below explains how to integrate ADFS with SAML 2.0. It is advised that your organization’s IT team is closely involved in this process.


To enable ADFS to work with Captivate Prime, please ensure the following is in place:

  • An Active Directory Instance where all users have an email address attribute.
  • Fully installed and configured ADFS service.
  • A Federation metadata .xml file. [Please contact the Adobe Captivate Prime Support Team for the Service Provider Metadata file. You must specify if you require the Global instance or the European instance according to your location.]


Step 1 – Add a Relying Party Trust
  1. Log in to the ADFS Server and launch the ADFS Management Console.
  2. Navigate within the ADFS Management Console and select ‘Relying Party Trusts’.

  1. Right click and select ‘Add Relying Party Trust…’ to launch the Add Relying Party Trust Wizard.
  2. On the Select Data Source screen, select ‘Import data about the relying party from a file’. Click ‘Browse’ and select the Adobe Captivate Prime configuration metadata xml you have previously saved (provided under Pre-Requirements above). Click ‘Next’.
  3. Enter a Display Name that you will recognize or remember. Click ‘Next’.
  4. Here you must determine whether multi-factor authentication is required. Click ‘Next’.
  5. On the next screen, select ‘Permit all users to access this relying party’. Click ‘Next’.
  6. The relying party trust has been configured. On the next screen, the wizard will display an overview of your settings. Review these settings and click ‘Next’.

  1. In the Finish screen, select ‘Open the Edit Claim Rules dialog’. Click ‘Close’.
Step 2 – Create Claim Rules
  1. Once the relying party trust has been created, you can create the claim rules. By default, the claim rule editor opens once you create the trust. A window opens called ‘Edit Claim Rules for Adobe SSO Relying Party Trust’. Click Add ‘Rule’.
  2. The Add Transform Claim Rule Wizard opens. In the Claim rule template drop-down menu. Select ‘Send LDAP Attributes as Claims’ and click on ‘Next’.
  3. On the screen, Edit Rule – LDAP EMAIL:
    • In the text box under Client rule name, choose the source for user data, e.g. LDAP Email.
    • From the drop-down menu under Attribute store, select ‘Active Directory’.
    • From the LDAP Attribute column, select ‘E-Mail-Addresses’.
    • From the Outgoing Claim Type column, select ‘E-Mail Address’.
    • Click ‘OK’.
Step 3 – Finish
  1. Download the Federation metadata using https://server/FederationMetadata/2007-06/FederationMetadata.xml where the “server” is the name of the Server you use .
  2. Update your IdP metadata XML file and IdP login URL inside captivate prime


You have now integrated ADFS with SAML to enable SSO for your Adobe Captivate Prime LMS account.

You must login to Adobe Captivate Prime as an Admin to configure SSO in the LMS. To learn more, please visit the Adobe Helpx page on how to Login to Captivate Prime using SSO Authentication.

For further assistance, contact the Adobe Captivate Prime Support Team at

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Training Industry Inc. yet again lists Adobe as one of the Top 20 Learning Portal/LMS Companies

Hurrah! Adobe Captivate Prime did it again!

We are all excited to let you know that Captivate Prime was retained in the list of top 20 LMSs in the freshly released 2018 list by the Training Industry Inc., one of the most trusted source of information on the business of learning.

You can see the complete list here.

Just like last time, due to the diversity of need, in the learning portal/LMS space, no attempt is made by TI to rank the Top 20.

The selected 2018 Learning Portal/LMS Top 20 Companies demonstrated excellence in many areas, including:

  • Quality of learning portal/LMS user and administrative features
  • Industry visibility, innovation and impact
  • Number and strength of clients
  • Geographic reach
  • Company size and growth potential

In order to be considered for a nomination to a Top Companies List, participating companies like Skillsoft, Docebo, Litmos, Cornerstone, Totara etc. had submitted a comprehensive application survey which had to concur with the specific requirements.

Congratulations to everyone involved behind this fabulous product and thank you Training Industry for this recognition.

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What’s New in Adobe Captivate Prime

This week Adobe launched the latest updates to Adobe Captivate Prime LMS.  Prime updates are automatically rolled up on regular intervals and some of them add new features and functionality. This week’s update added several important new features.

  • GDPR – Purge Account(s)
  • Tag management
  • Email MS Outlook format calendar invites
  • Label customization
  • PowerBI integration
  • LinkedIn Learning Connector
  • Slack Bot for Prime

General Data Protection Regulation is a new standard for privacy protection adopted by nations in the European Union which becomes a legal requirement on May 25th. You’ll likely see all kinds of privacy updates related to this requirement in various online software. The most significant (read visible) requirement added here comes in the form of a new tool allowing administrators to completely delete / remove records for individual users. A Prime user can now request that their account data be removed, and administrators now have the power to purge individual user accounts / data.

Purge Confirmation Dialog

Tag management
Prime users can now edit the meta-tags associated with their learning content. This is a huge new functionality for learning administrators and content creators who want to formalize or control the search terms associated with their learning content. You can easily edit tags, combine tags, add tags into groups, and identify instantly the tags most used and find which courses use them. New functionality here also allows Adobe Captivate Prime admins to determine who can access and create tags. To explore the feature yourself, go to the new Tag panel in the Administrator App in Prime.

Tag Management Interface

Product Terminology Interface Image

Outlook Calendar Invitations
Now your calendar will automatically update thanks to Microsoft Outlook style calendar invitations that push directly to learner’s calendars. This replaces the previous standard *.ics files that would arrive as attachments and makes the experience much simpler from learner’s perspective.

Customizable Navigation Labels
If you always wanted to change the name of Learning Plans to ‘Automation’ in Adobe Captivate Prime, for example, now you can do that and more. The common labels used for the learners are now editable (at least in English) and you can set them fairly easily.  Just go to Admin: Settings: General and select ‘Product Terminology.’ Click edit and you’ll see a source file to download the terminology set as a *.csv file. You can edit it by simply replacing the singular and plural version of the term in the second column. Save your file and then upload it in the dialog provided to make the changes.

Customized label

PowerBI Integration
Microsoft PowerBI is a specialized data visualization solution for representing data in modern dashboards through graphs and other infographs. While Prime contains an internal set of reports that can display data in a series of dashboards and graphs, third party tools like Microsoft PowerBI can also be used to represent your data in ever-more useful and graphically rich ways. Now a connector has been added to Adobe Captivate Prime that will allow users to automatically integrate with Microsoft PowerBI and easily upgrade your reporting game. Find this new Connector in the Connectors panel in the Integration Admin panel.

LinkedIn Learning Connector
An additional new connector puts the power of LinkedIn Learning in your hands.  Leverage your LinkedIn Learning courses right inside of Adobe Captivate Prime, just like you do with and other learning libraries. Simply configure the new connector to automatically pull new courses, index them and make them searchable and fully integrated into your Adobe Captivate Prime learning experiences. Find this new Connector in the Connectors panel in the Integration Admin panel.

Slack App
Finally, a new Slack App is now available for Adobe Captivate Prime. You’ll find it in the Apps section under the Integration Admin: Featured Apps. The Slack App will allow you to insert a clever little Prime Bot into Slack channels. This will let people search for courses and learning programs, get recommendations, check status and much more, from right within the slack channel.


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The 2017 upgrade to Adobe Captivate Prime Provides an Amazing Experience

We’re continuing our quest to redefine the LMS with the latest update to Adobe Captivate Prime. If you haven’t tried Prime yet, now is the time to jump in and explore. The latest updates are amazing, and I’ve had a wonderful time sharing them with people through the new videos and via face to face demonstrations and early previews.

What has me so excited? Let me break it down.

Learner Dashboard of Adobe Captivate Prime
#1 – The learner experience is flat out sensational

The headlights dashboard is the clear headline. Big round interactive infographics show you which courses are overdue, nearing deadlines and in good standing. A single click calls the relevant courses to the top of the list instantly – making it crazy simple to find the things you should be working on. The other infographic displays your assigned certifications, learning programs and courses. Think of it as a compliance driving wheel. The same interactive selection and sorting are available there.

The Skills Dashboard for learners in Adobe Captivate Prime

The skill dashboard is flat out fantastic. You can easily see the skills your organizational leadership wants you to learn about. Click any one of them to learn all about it. You can explore to see all of the courses that are available to earn that skill, and you can even compare your assigned skill set to the skills of your peers and your leaders – making it an ideal way to better understand how training might impact your career.

Adobe Captivate Prime’s new learner dashboard kicks things off with a sleek new mobile friendly appearance that is totally flexible. You can drag and drop the on-screen widgets to your favorite positions to get the layout that works for you.

Use images and graphics to spice up the user experience for your Learners

The course browsing experience is enhanced with beautiful new photographic images to augment the smart cards. Courses in catalogs can be separated and filtered – making it easier than ever to find what you need. Lending power to your quest is the enhanced search feature. You can search from anywhere and smart filters make the job even more powerful. My favorite new search filter allows you to search your own course notes – to easily recall materials that you left notes on.

#2 One Player to Rule them All – No plugins required!

The fluidic player continues to revolutionize the LMS experience, with support for Word Docs, Acrobat PDFs, PowerPoint, Videos of virtually every ilk and eLearning in AICC, SCORM and xAPI formats. The player makes it possible to blend your learning with support for online learning, virtual classrooms, live face to face training and external activities.

#3 Adobe Captivate Prime is Easy, Automated, and Fun (yes, really)

You can roll out a learning program in under 90 minutes and get to virtually anything in 3 clicks or less. The automation means that you can make the system do those mundane chores for you so you don’t have to fiddle with enrollment for new hires, transfers, relocations or promotions.  You can even automate based on course completions.

The leaderboard and badges help provide motivation and reassurance that the work you are doing is contributing toward your goals and the goals of your organization. The competitive perspective increases engagement and enhances the sense of accomplishment – recognizing the mastery of your learners.

#4 Mobile, just like you

This update adds smartphone support, so now learners can access and use the mobile app for Android or IOS. That means that you can download courses and content onto your mobile phone or tablet and even complete the course or learning program while you are offline. The network smart resyncing will pick back up as soon as your device rediscovers a network – the data will report to the LMS.

#5 Easily extendible

Support for Multi-Tenancy – or many departments, brands, divisions or groups across your organization means that you can set up Adobe Captivate Prime to cover all of your learners and share content, reporting and even licenses across all of those groups. It even handles both internal and external users. Adobe Captivate Prime is flexible enough to meet the needs of the biggest enterprise solutions, and simple enough to work brilliantly even for small businesses.

Sound off below with your own reactions – I’d love to hear how others are finding the new Captivate Prime.