2018 – A Year in Review

A lot can happen in a year. Some success, some challenges and a lot of learning. A month into 2019, we think it’s a great time to ponder on the positives from 2018 here at Upside Learning. Here are some of the highlights from the past year that we’ve summarised for you: Events & Celebrations […]

What NOT To Do In 2019

So, we are officially in 2019! A lot of us may have made New Year resolutions (some long lasting, some too short lived). But in this article, instead of giving goals and ambitions, let me try something new. Let’s make a list of things that are a no-no for 2019. Here’s a list of my […]

Flash To HTML5, One Last Time!

We’ve been there and done that. I am referring to migrating some/all of the Flash eLearning to HTML5 a few years ago. So you may ask: why again? Here’s why. When Apple decided to not support Flash on its mobile devices (including tablets), it was the beginning of the end of Flash. Most of us […]

It’s time to re-think mandatory compliance training

Compliance Training is an inseparable part of an employee’s work life in any organisation. According to Towards Maturity, the average employee spends 10.90 hours per year on compliance training. Almost 42% of all online training content used within organisations is compliance-related. That is quite a bit and goes on to reiterate the importance of compliance […]