Text Entry Box – Best practice for using that text outside of Captivate?


I understand how to capture a learner’s text using a text entry box, store it in a variable and even display the text again on a subsequent slide using a use case such as.. “At the beginning of this class, you mentioned that your primary learning goal was….”.   Does anyone have samples of using this entered text outside of the Captivate project?  I know that there is an advanced action where I could potentially email the captured text.  Are there any other use cases of sending that captured text outside of Captivate?  I would appreciate any ideas or examples you might have.   Thanks in advance.

Button next objet state, then next slide

Hi, I’m totally new to Captivate, forgive the dumb question please. Spend hours on google trying to find answers or tutorials without success. I’m trying to find a way to have a next button on my slides that shows multi state object state by state and then, after the last state, plays the next slide. I’m trying to set advanced actions for days but can’t manage to figure it out. Thanks for your help 			</div><!-- .entry-content -->
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Free People Cutout and eLearning Templates

Creating an eLearning course is about using many different visual assets. Preparation is the most significant part of an eLearning project. you have to find some background images for your slides and some templates to use it in your eLearning project.

Adobe giving you its asset library with many digital assets. There are +75000 free assets in Adobe Captivate 2019’s subscription.

In this video, I have shown you how can you find and add digital assets to your eLearning courses. Also, there are many digital assets from the eLearning Brothers.

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Linking to another project


I am trying to link one project to another. Specifically, I want to link from the main course to a Glossary interaction and then allow the learner to go back to the main course where they left off. Has anyone done anything like that? Or is there a way to do this within the same project?

Thank you!

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Fatal Error and Other Issues

I am using Adobe Captivate 2019.  A couple of days ago I was working on setting Recording Defaults.  After attempting to Create New Style, I got a Fatal Error.  After that I lost the ability to create a New Bank Project, and all of my preset Recording Defaults are gone.  Many times when I click on the Recording Defaults button or the Object Style Manager button it comes up with a blank screen (not blank defaults, but a totally blank screen) and I have to use Task Manager to close down Captivate.  If I do get the Recording Defaults window to display (with blank defaults) and click on the Create New Style button I get a Fatal Error.

I am trying to understand how I could have broken the system by attempting to create my own defaults.

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Screen Capture and DpiAwareness error

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been testing out Captivate 2019 to see if it would be a good option to use for creating interactive tutorials. One thing I recently tried to do was use the screen capture option to create a demo and then I was going to include a knowledge check. I did not get very far because I got the error “Capture is disallowed since the High-density display was detected. Please set “DPIAwareness = 1” in AdobeCaptivate.ini and restart the application. I searched for assistance regarding this message and tried a number of fixes suggested like copying the file and replacing it after making the change to the ini file, changing the settings to 100% under the display settings and changing the compatibility under the properties of the applications (tried both windows compatibility to windows 8 and the change high dpi settings) while all 3 of these options (did not do these all at once) fixed my screen capture issue, my screen is super small. Since I’m trying to use my surface it is very difficult to do.

Aside from giving up and going to use my old desktop. Anyone have any more advice? I have reached out to Adobe support and I’m waiting for a response from them. I do have access to another screen capture program but I was really hoping to streamline my process. Thank you – everyone here has been a great wealth of information already.

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LMS Scorm Reporting to vi LMS Issue

We have an issue where users who receive 100% (obviously a passing score) on a few of our eLearning modules will have a Not Passed  status in the LMS. This issue is increasing – last year I saw it a handful of times with one particular module and this year there have been at least a dozen instances in Q1 for at least 3 modules. Since getting viLMS 8 or so years ago, we haven’t changed our settings. This is happening on multiple browsers (Edge and Chrome) as well as with projects created in Captivate 2019, 2017 and I believe an earlier version.

In project preferences, we have the Standard set to SCORM 1.2.

I’ve looked at the issue w/ our LMS vendor and the SCORM data reported to the LMS shows 100% with Not Passed as the status. There isn’t anything I can change on that end.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Captivate for Mac 2019 11.5 Crashing Upon Launch

Adobe Captivate worked fine yesterday.  I open up my computer today and will not work.  Am getting error message “An error has occurred during activation.”, then will crash, disappear.

I re-installed program, and restarted computer, still same thing.  I have MacOS Catalina 10.15.3 running.

I attempted to re-name “Slcache” folder as listed in some of the troubleshooting directions, but could not find it in my library folder.

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Need Help: Error Using Edit with Microsoft Powerpoint


I use Captivate 2019 and upload my ppts into it. Normally when i rt-click on a slide and choose Edit with Microsoft Powerpoint, from slide or presentation, I have no issues. However, after making a few edits, it wont let me anymore.

Now, when i try, it gives me an error “unable to locate linked presentation”. It shows me the link it is looking for is a temp file that i cannot locate (it creates a new temp everytime i edit). It then asks me if i want to locate the file myself. I try to direct it to the original linked file but it gives me an “internal error” when i try.

Anyone else have this issue? Anyone know how to fix this?

Thank you,


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