Captivate 2019 – SWF compilation failed

On Windows 10, just re-installed Captivate 2019.  Unable to publish anything as Video, due to SWF compilation error.  Even creating a new file with only a title slide directly in CP2019 results in the same error.  Am now at deadline and will need a solution or new tool.  Any solutions?? Using 64bit

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Visited State Buttons and Jumping to another Slide

I have a Captivate 2019 project where I have created buttons around menu options and the buttons display a different color once clicked (i.e., a visited state). The user is allowed to select in any order these various menu buttons. Once the user has selected all buttons (i.e., all buttons display a visited state) I want the project to jump to another slide in the project. Will I need to create an advanced action for this? Any suggestions are welcome.

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Narration from video almost inaudible

Another department did a screen recording with an audio narration. They gave it to me as a mp4. The video portion was unusable, but the audio was exactly what I wanted. So, I started a new Video Demo in captivate 2019, played the video in the background and captured the system audio while I steered along in the active video recording window. It was all falling into place quickly.

Playing form the timeline, it was just fine. However, when I used Captivate’s Preview or viewed a published SCORM item, the audio was practically inaudible.

I tried many iterations, like importing the audio as an mp3 and  a wav. Same results. During a couple tests, I played the audio file while screen recording with some other streaming audio playing from Pandora. I could heard the Pandora audio just fine, but the narration was just a bunch of scratchy noises.

I’ve tried different bit rates, audio file types, importing the narration, recording the narration as system audio… nothing. The lady’s voice is possessed.

What am I missing?

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“Project has expired”


when trying to open one of our projects it says “project has expired”. I read that this is due to the fact that it was created with a trial version. Ever since then I have upgraded to a subscription. I then published the project again with the subscribed version, however it still won’t work…any advice?

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