TRAINING (SYD) – Adobe Captivate Foundations Course

Leaning Plan is delighted to announce our first ever public workshop, the Adobe Captivate Foundations Course.

We’ll be running this two-day workshop, with ongoing one on one support, at Adobe’s office in Sydney on Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd February.

Why are we so excited? Well, we’ve structured the workshop in a way which we would want to learn.

What does that mean?

We’ve asked our resident Adobe Captivate expert and course facilitator, John Stericker, to provide a short overview of the course in the video below.

Here are further details:

  • The Adobe Captivate Foundations Course will take place on February 22nd and 23rd, at Adobe’s Sydney CBD office.
  • The course is a two-day, project-based approach to learning Adobe Captivate – we’ll cover the fundamentals of planning, storyboarding and building projects.
  • The course cost is $1,000 for the two days and each participant will receive a 150+ page handbook, access to premium video tutorials, and ongoing one-on-one support from John.

So if you need help authoring eLearning, or refreshing your Captivate skills, please register your interest.

Fluid Boxes In Adobe Captivate 2017: Secret Sauce To Responsive eLearning?

So you have heard about Adobe Captivate's fluid boxes in Responsive projects, but what are the differences from previous versions of Adobe Captivate? Are the Fluid Boxes really the secret sauce to Responsive eLearning? What should you consider when working with Fluid Boxes in Captivate.

This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

The power of smart shapes

Smart shapes come in handy when working in Captivate.

When working in Captivate, I try to use smart shapes as much as possible for elements such as buttons or simple graphics. I like the fact size, shape and color can all be easily changed all from within Captivate and not a graphics program.

Smart shapes allow you to test concepts and prototype quickly. I often use smart shape rectangles to put together projects knowing I can easily right click and replace the shape once I determine the concept will work. Another benefit is styles can be used to update the color of multiple objects.

Getting creative with shadows and gradients make it possible to create unique and interesting graphics. The following white board graphic was created entirely from a rounded rectangle smart shape. The shadow below is also a smart shape.


Benefits to using smart shapes

  • Color and size can be easily adjusted
  • Can be copied, pasted and reused across projects
  • Quality is retained when resized
  • Images can be used as background images to create creative image frames and effects.
  • Can be easily turned into buttons
  • Can be used as captions. Allow for easy and consistent alignment.
  • Text can be added and modified
  • Shapes can be changed by right clicking the shape and selecting “Replace Smart Shape”
  • Can be combined with multiple shapes and grouped
  • Custom shapes can be created and modified

The game window below was created entirely using smart shapes. The buttons can be made to look beveled or embossed by adding shadows and gradients.


In some cases images are preferred over smart shapes. In cases where there is a photo or unique effect that can’t be recreated using smart shapes. Smart shapes give you the flexibility to perform edits (color, size, text) directly in Captivate. Scaling graphics usually result in image loss, smart shapes allow you to keep crisp lines when scaled.

This interface, except for  the background texture is composed of smart shapes:


Info graphics can be made interactive, rotated and combined easily. Pictured below are smarts shapes modified to look like info graphics.


The next time you need simple graphics for your project, think of ways smart shapes can be used. This will allow you to leverage some of the built in capabilities offered within Captivate.




Adobe Captivate – Different Feedback for Each Answer

In this Adobe Captivate video tutorial, I will share with you an almost hidden feature known as Advanced Answer Option. It’s related to multiple choice single answer quiz questions but the feature isn’t found in the Quiz Properties. Instead, you can find this feature in the Properties Panel for your multiple choice answers themselves. It’s useful if you want to create unique feedback captions for each answer, but you can also assign unique actions to each answer as well. You can use Advanced Answer Options to create branching scenarios or simply use them to provide remediation for your knowledge check or quiz question slides.

Adobe Captivate – What Resolution Should I Use?

In this Adobe Captivate Quick Tip, I briefly explain my thoughts on what resolution you should use for your fluid box responsive design preview.

Adobe named to 2017 Best of Elearning! Hall of Fame

Adobe Captivate Hall of Fame 2017

Drumroll, please! Adobe has been inducted to the 2017 Best of Elearning! Hall of Fame, in the very first edition of this honor. Established thirteen years ago by the Elearning! magazine, the Best of Elearning! Awards felicitate the creators of outstanding solutions. The Hall of Fame honor was added this year to recognize a brand’s continued contribution towards eLearning. Adobe Captivate, the flagship eLearning authoring tool from Adobe, has been the torchbearer in helping Adobe win the award 13 times – since 2005 – for a range of eLearning solutions.

What lies behind the exceptional track record of Adobe Captivate? How does Adobe consistently anticipate learning requirements, provide futuristic solutions, and exceed customer expectations? These were some of the questions posed to Priyank Shrivastava, Director of Marketing, Adobe, in an interview with the editors of the Elearning! Magazine. Shrivastava gives credit to the “culture of innovation and customer centricity.” He goes on to say that the brand continues to lead the category as the product teams are always clued in to customers’ pain points and work hand-in-hand with the L&D teams of customer organizations to design solutions that address their problems.

Shrivastava also points out: “Our product roadmap constantly reflects changing behavioral trends among both eLearning authors/designers as well as learners.” Adobe entered the world of mobile learning when it was still in its infancy, with the goal of empowering authors to provide awesome experiences to learners – on the devices of their choice – with minimum additional effort. Some of the industry-first features in Adobe Captivate (2017 release) that demonstrate this philosophy are:

  • Fluid Boxes – for creating fully responsive courses without any programming
  • Automatic transformation of desktop-only courses to responsive modules
  • Adobe Typekit integration – to create visually stunning courses using a full library of fonts

Success brings humility and Adobe Captivate is not resting on its laurels. Adobe continues to develop solutions that leverage the latest technologies to facilitate innovative and immersive forms of learning – continuously making it easier for authors to design and for learners to consume anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Read more about the induction of Adobe to the Best of ELearning! Hall of Fame:

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