Localize Table of Contents to Different Language

A recent question in the forum was how to localize the Table of Contents text to another language.

You can edit the CPM.js file in the Assets folder > js folder – use Notepad to do so:

See example below.



Duration:true,statusFlag:true,hasSelfPaced:true,htmlFileId:19348,clear:’Clear Status Flag’,bookmark:’Bookmark’,moreInfo:’More Info’,slideTitle:’Slide Title’,duration:’Duration’,minutes:’Minutes’,go:’Go’,noSearchText:’No Matches Found’,


Duration:true,statusFlag:true,hasSelfPaced:true,htmlFileId:19348,clear:’Bandera de Estado Clara’,bookmark:’Marcador’,moreInfo:’Más información’,slideTitle:’Título de la diapositiva’,duration:’Duración’,minutes:’Minutos’,go:’Mi para Ir’,noSearchText:’No se encontraron coincidencias’

Make sure you edit the file after you publish your last version of your project. Also if the language has accents save the CPM.js file out of Notepad in UTF-8 format.

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New to Captivate – Making a Template Master Slide or Film Strip

I’m an Animate (Flash) and once a Director developer. As the Flash player is coming to an end, we have decided (where I work) to use Captivate for our lesson publishing application. I have been tasked with making our template, and need to design choices that my other team members to choose from. Captivate seems to be similar to Powerpoint’s Master slide. I’m going to use responsive design with fluid boxes and I’m not sure where to design all of our possible layouts.

In Animate (Our current template) we have an Introduction slide and depending on the content we have various different layouts.

What we always have on a slide:

  • The top has a title
  • The bottom has the navigation and other buttons on a bar
  • In between is the content

The content can layout:

  • Text on the left  with graphic on the right or vice versa
  • Text on top and graphics on the bottom or vice versa
  • All text no graphics
  • Only Graphics or no text
  • Video only

Do I use the filmstrip or Master slide?

If Master slide, do I design the navigation there or in filmstrip?

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Captivate Modules Silently Fail to Save to LMS on Chrome 73.0.3683.103 with Flash

We’ve been publishing Adobe Captivate SCORM modules in our Moodle based LMS for the past three years or so. Our team has been publishing newer modules with Captivate 2019, but we do have active content built from Captivate 8, 9 & 2017. We’ve noticed that with the latest version of Chrome (73.0.3683.103 when this was posted), that our modules no longer properly send the data back to the LMS after completion. We’ve confirmed that the affected modules include packages published across all versions (8, 9, 2017 & 2019). All modules are published with both Flash and HTML5 capabilities, but only the HTML5 loaded modules properly send data back to the LMS for saving.

Is this something others are experiencing?

Note: Some of our end users cannot easily change browsers or disable Flash (in anticipation of the obvious “disable Flash” answers).

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Software simulation not recording right click action

Hi there,

I’m creating software simulations and I’m completely frustrated at how Captivate simulation is not capturing/recording  right click actions and the context menu. I’ve done more than 10 software simulations without having any problem with capturing right click actions and context menus. Until this morning. I don’t know what happened overnight but now Captivate could no longer record right clicks and context menu. it only records the dialog that opens after I select an option in the context menu.

I badly need help! Any advice please?


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Issue with mobile software simulation training development

I am using adobe captivate to record software simulation training, but the software is not on a computer, it is on an app. I am using Samsung Team Viewer to control the mobile device via the PC. Only problem is that there is a lag about 25% of the time and it creates ghosting on the screen transitions. Meaning that when the mouse goes to click on something it doesn’t show what it is going to click on until the last second and then transitions to the next slide. My workaround is screen shots and updating slide backgrounds on 25% of the work. Is there a better way?

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Online Learning Live – Narration: Human vs. Computer Generated | April 23, 2019 10 AM EDT

Use this link if you wish to set up a reminder or participate in the live chat: https://youtu.be/MoGHYMAbJow

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Unable to record simulations

Hi there,

A couple of days ago I was able to record a software simulation for a web-based application. I need to do more of the same application but now it’s not working. I’ve tried different modes of recording (i.e. Training and Custom) and have tried using the application I’m recording in both Chrome and Edge. Each time I try to record I’m only getting a shot of the final action where I’ve clicked the end button. I’m using a Windows computer, have tried restarting my device, and have even uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Captivate – all to no avail. Is there known issue with this and are there any workarounds?

Many thanks,


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Adobe Captivate

Hi All,

I wonder if someone is able to help me please?

I have created a quiz in Captivate and using the format for iphone 6/7/8 so the quiz will work on all formats.

As i have created the quiz and everything looks perfectly correct. When i go to preview the quiz all of the format is completely different?

For example: the size of the text, position of the text

Has anyone else had this issue before?

Hope someone can help please

Many thanks


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