I have created a training video in Captivate 2019 that I want the users to have to click through the slides. I have recorded some audio on them also. The problem I am having is that the audio on the next slide starts to play without the user clicking to go to the next slide. I am sure I am missing something in the timing. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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Issues with videos after publishing – Captivate to Captivate Prime

I have created a project within Captivate using a number of YouTube videos.  When I preview the project using the “HTML5 in Browser” option, the course runs as I would expect – videos automatically start, buttons are usable, etc.

I need to publish this course within Captivate Prime, so I have tried 2 methods:

1) Publishing directly to Prime

2) Publishing as an HTML5 to my computer

While both “publish” without issues, when I preview the content, the videos do not automatically play.  The slide timing is the same as video is supposed to be, but it does not play…

I am a beginner who is learning through trial-and-error and webinars, and it isn’t working..Play

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Uploading .mp4 video resolution issue – not legible anymore

I have a good resolution .mp4 video that I am trying to upload as an interactive video but when I upload it the resolution is so bad that it is not usable.  What is the trick to uploading .mp4 videos so the resolution does not drop?

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Testimonial for Captivate 2019

I am very new to Adobe Captivate and excited about it.  I learned about Captivate about 5 months ago when I needed to create a presentation for issues regarding the pandemic for my job.   I am very comfortable with PowerPoint, but due to many employees now working from home, I need the ability to create presentations and tutorials that are interactive.   I took some classes and was able to do things in Captivate that I hadn’t imagined as possible with PowerPoint.  I ended up looking like a pro and it was only my first project with Captivate.  Captivate is PowerPoint on steroids.

Now I am working on a CBT since we have some many employees working from home that need training.   This is software that can handle videos, audio, animation, closed captions, high resolution images, and much more.  The possibilities are unimaginable.  Captivate opens up a whole new way of training for our company.  I expect to take a few more classes and create many tutorials/ CBTs that will meet the requirements of a training a workforce that may not be in a classroom setting anymore due to the pandemic.  Adobe Captivate is a wonderful product for the times we are facing in the workplace.

I also like that Adobe provides online eLearning opportunities and forums.  I was just in time to catch eLearning World 2020.  Such good information and tips were available to help me with my first project.

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Full Screen of CP Video Project embed in Webpage.

can some one help me guiding the option to have full screen video play in adobe captivate, I am working on CP since last 1 month and found this thing i am missing to understand.

i see many article on some Java script based solution provided but looks not getting proper matured solution.

i am embedding  CP tutorial project on website and wanted to give user option to play full screen like we have in Youtube video playbar.

Need your expert input and suggestion. Thanks in advance.

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Course functionality

I have created one course that contains three modules. For some reason, the third module will not play and when I published it initially, I noticed a message that read something like “*** module updating”…so it was trying to save the third module as an update to a previously published module.

Any suggestions on resolution??

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Captivate puzzles in VR


I am wanting to use Captivate to create a virtual reality experience in which a person needs to work out a code in order to move onto the next scene.

I have only been able to find multiple choice quizzes in the VR space. Is it possible to create a virtual lock in which a participant would need to work out a code (password, 3 digit code, series of directions, etc) in order to progress to the next scene?

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