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Hi All

I have a created a non-responsive project and added custom hotspots, everything works the way I want it to, apart from the quiz review. If you use the built in hotspot option, the quiz review will show the learner the correct choice vs “their choice”.

Is there a way, that when the user reviews the quiz with customer hotspots, to show the correct choice? Uncle Google is not very helpful on this topic.

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What’s your workflow for getting feedback on your captivate projects?


I have been using Captivate mainly for creating software simulations, however I have recently created an eLearning module. The reviewers for the project did not have Captivate on their computers, and are senior, busy people in the company.

To get feedback before publishing the module we:

  1. Created the module and written the script in the slide notes.
  2. Printed the document as a handout with slides notes included.
  3. Sent the word document to reviewers who fed back in word.
  4. I made the changes, updated the word document and published a test module online, the reviewers tried it out and gave feedback.

The system was far from perfect, and seemed to involve a lot of word documents and time spent transferring things to word and then back into Captivate.

The process got me wondering, how do other people in the industry get feedback for their projects?

What have you found works and what doesn’t work?

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Taking a failed quiz again after review


I create courses for volunteers in Captivate 2019. They are telling me that they would like to review the quiz and then take it again because they don’t want to have a failing grade on their record. With the settings I am using, they can’t take a reviewed quiz again.

Can I allow them to take the quiz, review it if they fail, and then have them take a different quiz? Or is there another way to make this happen?

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Skip/Hide still Use Score Slide


I have already published two series about Captivate’s Quizzes, the first about the default setup and the second about tweaking. In both series you’ll find blogs  dedicated to the score slide:

However Captivate is never boring, and questions about Quizzes appear daily. What is not yet included in the Tweaks are the possible solutions to two recent questions, where I proposed to use the Score slide without showing it to the learner:

  1. Why are the actions for Success/Failure not working? In this thread (partially in French).
  2. How can I show the Review mode to a learner when using a Knowledge Check slide? To be found in this thread.

Thought it would be interesting for other developers to read about the two tweaks?

Using Hidden Score Slide

User didn’t want to show the score slide after a quiz, but created a a slide to jump to in case of Success, and another in case of Failure. Setup of the Quiz Preferences are visible in this screenshot:

The default way of achieving this is to click the Continue button on the score slide. But the user didn’t want to show the score slide. It is not possible to delete the slide but it was hidden. A slide which is hidden normally is not part of the published output. However Quiz and Score slides cannot be considered to be ‘normal’ as you’ll find out. His problem was that, whatever the result, the first of the two custom slides was always shown. Hence his complaint that the actions were not working.  Try it out, use this example published file and you’ll see that you always are navigated to Failure slide, which is the first slide, even if you have a 100% result:


I immediately guessed the origin of the problem, due to the very special ‘status’ of the score slide, even when it is hidden. The Filmstrip of the previous example looks like this:

I hear you! What is wrong? Can anyone guess? Try the same course after a small edit:


I moved the score slide in a position before the slides Success and Failure.

Why did this fix the problem? Quiz is considered finished when you reach the score slide, even when it is hidden. Now the quizzing system variables have their final value, including  cpQuizInfoPassFail which is responsible for the choice between Passing Grade and Failing Grade. When the score slide was after the Success/Failure slides Captivate expected more questions to come and didn’t evaluate that variable.

Another way of solving the problem, bit more work, is:

  • Keep the score slide visible, but always before the custom Success/Failure slides.
  • Use the On Enter event of the score slide to trigger a conditional action, checking the value of cpQuizInfoPassFail, navigate to the Failure slide if its value is 0, to the Success slide if it is 1. No need to set the Quiz Preferences actions in that case. And you automatically skip the score slide, learner will not see it.

Review status for KC slide

Knowledge Check slides are using the same master slides as normal quiz slides but they lose functionality: no score, and no review is possible. A complete comparison between those types can be found in KC slides – tips?

I proposed two possible solutions. The first one was to replace the failure message by an image (see Feedback images). The image would show the correct answer (for the matching question) but not the given answer, as is the case for the Review mode in quiz slides.

The second solution, using a functionality of the score slide without having the learner see that slide, is only possible if you do not have other scored objects (including quiz slides) in the course. The setup is the following:

  • Use a normal quiz slide, with one attempt, which means you have a Last Attempt action
  • In Quiz Preferences, allow backwards movement (you don’t need the Back button), and Review.
  • Leave the score slide, which is inserted automatically visible.
  • For the Last Attempt action of the quiz slide use ‘Jump to Score Slide’.

Create a conditional action to be triggered On Enter for the Score slide, which will look like this:

Why is this working? The score slide has a lot of inbuilt functionality.  By entering the Score slide, the status of the Quiz will change:

  • If there are attempts left on Quiz level, the next attempt will be prepared, even when the learner is not clicking the Retake button (another way of using the score slide without really remaining on it). If you use a similar action, to return to the first quiz slide, you’ll see that the answers are cleared.
  • If attempts are exhausted, and Review is enabled in the Quiz Preferences, the Review mode is enabled even if the learner is not pressing the Review button. This possibility was used in this case.


Maybe you see still more possibilities? Please, let me know?

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Fatal Error after disable Quiz Review checkbox

I’m unable to exit the settings interface with the OK button after disabling the “Allow Review Quiz” in the Publish Settings > Quiz > Settings menu.  I receive a fatal error – popup message that says it “Failed to back up the data”, followed by another popup indicating that Captivate will close and a “.cpBackup” file is created.  This CPTX file was created as a Template first, then customized to show a Quiz Results slide.  However, we are finding in our testing that the review buttons do not navigate forward or back when the Presentation is viewed on most phone browsers, so we decided to turn off quiz review and test.  I am unable to get this feature to turn off in this CPTX without it crashing.  However, a new blank project CPTX seems not to restrict exit from the settings interface after these settings are changed.  Ideas? Is this a bug?

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Delivering for Review

I have a huge Captivate Project in various languages.  I’m trying to have the individual language reviewers review just for translation accuracy.  I’ve been sending them out via EXE. and some have difficulty opening.  I want to export the slides, or print them so they look as close to PowerPoints as possible with out all the details, so that they can review.  Thoughts?

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‘An Explanation to Correct Answer’ in Review mode of Quiz Using ‘Shared Action’

As you might be well aware that, besides many, there are two very similar looking Actions that can be used to control & manipulate our Application created in Captivate. program.

Advanced Action & Shared Action. Every developer has different opinions on whether Advanced Action is better or Shared Action. And the fact is both have pro & cons. We are not going into that debate.

Here, I am demonstrating Shared Action to achieve additional functionality in our Quiz, that is lacking in the Captivate Quiz.

Captivate Quiz do give review feature. But it is practically of very less use. Because for any serious learner/teacher it would be never accepted that we declare and explain correct and incorrect just after 1st question (and for each question on the Spot!)…

What any would expect that, after Module completion, Learner would give an exam(Quiz) and at the end of the Quiz, he/she should get explanation about why his/her answers were wrong & the system’s Correct answer is only correct.

That is achieved in this tutorial by using ‘Shared Action’ where after completion of the exam, in review mode, each and every question are shown with an explanation to the correct answer.

Add two shapes in a question slide as shown below.

Create shared Action as shown below.

Test this action script by applying to any one question slide. That is, Apply Shared Action to ‘On Enter’ Event of  (any)one Question Slide and test it.

Once it works fine, Save it as shared action.

Now use that shared action for all question slides and just two parameters for the shared action in each question slides.

See Demonstration below & then Try it.


Note: Worth to read following articles posted by Lieve Weymeis (For Those who want to know more about Shared Action).




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