Captivate 2017 First Slide Blank except for play button

I’m publishing a non responsive project with a custom template.  When the project publishes and you go to play it the first slide shows the play bar at the bottom with a blank screen with a big play button in the center.  This slide is not on my film strip anywhere.  This didn’t happen when we were using Captivate 9 but since we’ve moved to Captivate 2017 and 2019 it does.

I’m wondering if for some reason Captivate thinks this is responsive because I’ve just noticed the pointing hand up by the opener for the TOC.

Thanks in advance,

Susan Davis

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Scalable HTML Content Unchecked (Oh No!)

We are planning to make our corporate training available through a mobile app.  However, we realized at some point the Scalable HTML Content option was not checked.  Not sure when it was unchecked, but it happened not only for my Captivate, but for all of our associates who use Captivate.  We are not sure now which projects were published with scaling on or off.

Is there something inside the SCORM zip file I can look at that tells me if the project was published with the Scalable HTML Content option turned on?  We’ve determined in the past that looking at something in the published SCORM package is quicker than trying to test all those courses on a cell phone.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Arabic fonts don’t connect

I have a project for Arabic that has me kind of crazy.  The Arabic font off the CC site that was free wouldn’t connect, so another one was purchased and that one won’t connect either.  I’m going to have to keep doing these types of projects and I really need to fond a solution in Captivate.  any ideas?

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Captivate File Formats

I have developed a love – hate relationship with Captivate.  I have only been a Captivate user for a few months.  I am trying to create training modules of my 40 years at my employer before I retire in Q1, 2020 for new and future engineers in my relatively small department to learn from.

After creating a few detailed training modules, one being a responsive type, I now think the easiest path forward is to create EXE files.  The reason is that I am doing this outside of the normal companywide LMS type training because they relate to only a very small group.  I have found that when I store the HTML5 files on a virtual drive, you can go out for lunch and a round of golf waiting for it to run.  That is, if the user knows which file to click on!  The EXE files, although they are huge, are very quick for me to create and for the trainee very quick to load and run.

Now my dilemma… If I stick with EXE, I have found that I can’t create an EXE from the responsive projects.  I have tried to do cut and paste out of the responsive to a non-responsive template, but so far, it is a royal pain and looks terrible.  It sets me way back to clean the files up.

What do others do?


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Captivate Assets – Corporate Network Enviroment

Has anyone been able to get Adobe Captivate Assets to work in a corporate network work environment or while using a VPN?

Other than using a public internet connection, has anyone found a work around to get Captivate Assets to work?

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On Enter Advanced Action and Buttons with Success function doesn’t work

I’m using Captivate 2019.    Help

I use some similar Slides in my project and it doenst work.

I have 2 Objects (Shapes1 and Shape 2) on one Slide.

Shape 1 has a State, the State has a stroke.

Shape 2 is hidden. Shape 1 has “On Success, show Shape 2”

So far so good.

I added on the Slide itself  an “On Enter” advanced action. With a simple command. “Change State of Shape 1 to New State”

If i try to click Shape 1 it doesnt show Shape 2

do i miss something?


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No built in assets (characters, buttons, templates, themes, nothing at all) on my latest version of captivate

I just completed my specialist certificate last week and while there I realized that my latest version is missing all the great features that are promoted about it, like the quick start projects, cut out characters buttons and so fourth. The trainer said that I need to download them and gave me a site address. I went to the site and it has the quick start projects but none of the built in assets. I believe this is controlled by my company but I’m not certain.

any advice or direction from the community about how to get all of the built in feature available will be greatly appreciated. you can see below what I mean about nothing is available in my built in assets panel. not even the items I had before the update.

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Captivate Glossary

I’m creating a glossary in Captivate 2019-I’ve added terms and image and now I’d like to edit some of the definitions. I double click on a term and edit the content and save the changes, but when I preview in HTML5 the changes are not reflected. Can I only update the written content before images/audio are added? Trying to understand what the issue is. Thank you for your help!

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