Captivate 2017 TTS voice Issue


We are having an issue where our no matter what we change TTS voice to in Captivate the voice will default to the computer’s Text to Speech (Control panel>speech recognition). This presents a problem where we want to have different voices on different slides.

We are desperate for some help on this as our IT company has said it is a Captivate issue.

Hope you can help!


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Can’t navigate to interface

Help!  I just downloaded and installed the 30 day trial for Captivate – it all went well – but now it did not direct me to the Captivate interface.  I have an icon on my desktop but it just takes me to the installation instructions again.  There is no other direction.  How do I access and start using Captivate??


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Quiz and Website Question


I  am working on a project for a children’s publisher.  The idea is that students can go on their website, interact with the responsive project including a quiz and then print out their results for their teacher.  Don’t need and don’t want to collect or store any information on the student.

Two different questions:

Can you publish a responsive project with quiz to a website as a link?

Can users take the quiz and print results anonymously (e.g. no data is collected on user for FERPA purposes)


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Adding Accessibility

Hello Everyone,

I am editing content (Captivate 2019) to make it accessible. I have slides that have text boxes filled with text. I have copied and pasted the text in the text box into the “Item Accessibility” from the property inspector.

I have also followed these steps, copying and pasting the same text in the text box:

Add accessibility text to slides

A screen reader can read aloud text that appears on the computer screen. Screen readers are useful for people with visual impairment. In Adobe Captivate, you can write text describing each slide for screen readers to read aloud.

  • Open the slide to which you want to add accessible text.

  • In the Property Inspector, click Accessibility.

  • Type the text that you want the screen reader to read aloud.

  • To use the slide notes (Text-to-speech and closed captioning included), click Import Slide Notes, and click OK.

    So my question is, isn’t this going to be duplicative for a screen reader? Won’t the screen reader read the same text twice? Is it better to just add the text in one place instead? If so, where should it be added, at the slide or text box level? And if this is the case, what should be put in the one that doesn’t have all of the text?

    Any and all help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


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Drag and Drop Multiple Attempts Submit reappears

Hello everyone,

I have an issue with Drag and Drop interactions. When answering a DnD with multiple attempts correctly, the submit button disappears when submiting but reapears after less than a second. This only happens if the DnD has more than 1 attempt and only if it’s answered correctly. If a DnD has only 1 attempt or the answer is incorrect the submit button disappears as it should. When previewing the course the bug is not visible, it only appears when published or previewed HTML5 in Browser (and no, publishing with Flash in 2020 is not an acceptable option…).

Has anyone ever experienced something familiar and has any suggestion how to fix it?

I attached a sample file, where the error also occurs.


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