Panel Discussion: Diversity in Leadership

Yesterday I took part in a panel discussion on the invite of The Millennium Universal College. Billed as an initiative of the Career Development Center at TMUC that seeks to:

“initiate a series of discussions with experts from varied fields to speak on topics involving educational policy, advocacy, and community development. As a transnational education provider, TMUC is seeking to bring in international and national experts to share their experience, latest research, and acumen that will steer a positive, growth-oriented learning approach. The session will be attended by important stakeholders including students, faculty, employers, public and private sector representatives, decision-makers, and also other higher education providers.”

“Diversity in leadership. Why it matters, what can be done, and how can we embrace it?”

Along with my peers on the panel – Leonor Silva de Mattos (Hertfordshire Business School), Noorulain Zafer (TMUC), Kholah Yaruq Malik (TMUC), and Sukhninder Panesah (Wolverhampton Law School), the event opened with introductions, event etiquette, and the opening question to the panel of “what has the pandemic changed about leadership in modern universities?’

You can watch the recorded event here: The Millennium Universal College on LinkedIn.

Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash

Detect M1 Macs automatically?

Hi there. I just started with Captivate, and when I tried using it, I found it didn’t work. Assets were jumping all over the screen, PowerPoint wouldn’t import, and so on.

After sleeping on it, I guessed (correctly) that it is because I have an M1 Mac (a Mac Mini).

Could Adobe make it so that the correct version gets downloaded automatically? You can already tell that I’m using a Mac. Can you not tell that I’m using an M1 Mac?

Failing that, perhaps Adobe could put dialog box, asking users which version they would like to download, M1 or Intel.

I was lucky to figure it out, but it wasn’t a great introduction to the software.

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How to separate out outputs based on learner category

I have almost 30 SCROM build outputs ready and are in published stage. Later on, my client informed that, they want to segregate the these outputs into 2 categories as (1) Suitable for LEARNER (2) other suitable for Performer.   Now out of these 30,  10 are suitable for LEARNER and rest 20 published outputs are suitable for Performer. All this will happen  on client LMS and other client platforms too.

How can take it ahead to meet the requirement ?

Can you please help here.

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Control bar button labels disappear

When I publish a project, the labels on the buttons on the control bar disappear. I can’t seem to find a setting or configuration to those buttons. I though if I uploaded it to an LMS, the problem would go away. But the issue persisted there as well.

Can someone share some insight in this issue? Has this happened to anyone before?

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Story Boarding with Captivate

Any help appreciated!

I’m working with Captivate and am fairly new to it.  I’ve researched storyboard creations, and see that Adobe’s Captivate DRAFT is an ipad app that works great for building content in storyboard format.  However, I don’t see that it is available on PC.  This seems kind of crazy.

Is there a way to use it on a PC.  Or, can someone recommend a comparable tool for help in creating storyboards (until I am able to do it “free-hand”? )


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Replacing deleted mouse clicks

Hi… is there a way to re-insert mouse clicks into a software simulation project?  I have deleted a couple of mouse clicks from the timeline and realized that it was a mistake.  I particularly want to get back the “show mouse click” to use custom settings to highlight where the learner has to click.   Thank you

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Problems with release

I’ve been having a number of issue with Captivate over the last month or so and I’m trying to figure out if it’s just me or if there is/are a known problem/problems that might save me from having to throw about 6-weeks worth of work in the trash.

I’m working on a scenario based course that takes the learner through an activity and asks policy questions at various points.  If the learner answers incorrectly, they are routed to a remediation slide where they are expected to use the reference document to find the right answer.   When they find the answer, they put the paragraph number into a text-entry-box and a shared action checks the answer and provides the appropriate feedback.

The current problem is that the while this functionality all worked 2-weeks ago, now that I’ve updated to it doesn’t work anymore.  For example…the correct answer is 7.5.A, but if I put 6 into the TEB and run the action nothing happens.  Put in 7.5A and it gives feedback that the answer is wrong, but put 4 back in and again nothing.

In addition, I’m having problems when I try to copy/paste something and the whole program locks up.

Is anyone else having problems?



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Is there a list of asset types that will not work when published in scalable HTML5 in Captivate?


After much research, we have concluded that since all our training is software training and by nature it must play in landscape view, scalable html5 publishing with a single breakpoint is the best option for us.  We have been using the Captivate 9 breakpoints for the last 3-4 years and publishing for PC and tablet breakpoint (landscape)- but no research was done to see if our clients (banks/mortgage companies) even use tablets so we were building a road that was probably never used as my co-worker says.  The development time was pretty extensive as CP is quirky on that 2nd breakpoint, and we had advance actions tied to locations on the screenshots for hide/show interaction.  After researching responsive design, I also concluded that it was not the best choice for us either as again it is likely our clients only take the training on a PC or laptop given our industry.  The learning curve to bring the team up to speed and the development time necessary for responsive design just in case any of our clients might use a tablet was deemed not a wise investment of our limited time for eLearning development.   This article Lieve Weymeis was the answer we were looking for!

So I know there are some assets that don’t work in scaled html5 publishing from Captivate (such has the rollover/hover) but I can’t seem to find a list anywhere.  I just see the occasional error as I try to publish our test courses in scaled html5.

Can anyone point me to where there is a list of things that will not work in scaled HTML5 publishing in Captivate 2019? Going forward as we develop our single breakpoint templates for scaled html5 publishing I want to provide our developers with a list of what will not work.


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