Responsive Design, Text, and that “Click here to read” button

So, I’ve been clicking around Captivate 2019 for a little bit today to focus on some of the new things like VR design and how I might incorporate it into my courses. Awesome. I have some challenges right up-front, but those are the fun kind of challenges that force you to change the way that you think to achieve what you want. And then there’s the interactive video. Also awesome, but I just didn’t have the time to explore that one today. (Indeed, I’m trying to figure out whether this version is included in my subscription, but there we go.)

The one thing that I haven’t seen is any real improvements to Responsive Design (RD). Again, though, I’ve been looking at this for a limited period of time, so if I’m incorrect then please let me know.

Soooooo… The one problem that I’m still having with RD is how it handles text and, seemingly, makes decisions based upon the vertical height of the viewing device. And here’s where I have the problem. As soon as text is truncated and the “read more” icon, a decision has been taken away from me.

So what am I suggesting? Only a question, really. If you look at responsive design websites, and specifically something like WordPress and the various “Page Builders,” the responsive design makes sure that text is not truncated based upon (I suppose) “mid-width” properties. If text is side-by-side with an image, as the horizontal space is reduced, the text is pushed downwards in v-space until a breakpoint. At this point, the software makes a decision as the width decreases to put the text box above/below the image. Text is, however, preserved. No “Click here to read the full text” boxes.

As much as it replicates WordPress, it also replicates Articulate’s Rise.

I realise that I can have responsive projects with different slide heights (and responsive and non-responsive slides), but is there a one-stop-shop that I’m missing?

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Need to create a quiz


Create a quiz as a multiple choice question with 4 choices. And allow only 2 attempts.

When user select wrong option in 1st attempt. Show the feedback “Not quite. Try again.”

When user select the wrong option in 2nd attempt then show the correct option with green highlight with Incorrect feedback “Incorrect. Here’s the correct answer.”.

When user select the correct option then show the correct feedback.

Note: This must be created as custom MCQ not default one

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Volume Widget does not work

I have a dilemma, but first some background info about my project:

1- I am not able to stream video or use youtube as a host, so I must insert my video into the project.

2- I have created custom controls for my project audio and video objects (I am not using a captivate player skin).

Here-in lies my problem, I need both closed captions and volume control for my video. If I insert an event video, the video has  its own playbar which controls the volume, play, pause, etc. Not so great because I want to use my custom controls and I do not want to confuse my learner with multiple ways to control video and audio dependent on the page they are. I want to use my custom controls and they will not work with an event video.

Also, I am not able to use captivate to attach closed captions when inserting an event video unless I parce out the audio from the video. I can insert an audio-less video while attaching a separate audio file, which then enables me to attach captions to the audio object and still be able to use my custom controls for audio volume control.  But it still does not solve my problem because as previously mentioned, my custom controls will not control the event video play, pause, etc functions and if I were to hit pause, everything but the video pauses.

Ok…so then I go the synchronized video route. I can get captions, my custom controls work for replay, play, and pause, but the volume widget does not control the video volume.


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Support Warning

Yesterday,  my creative cloud would not load.  After 2 hours of technical support from Adobe, creative cloud was fixed.  Unfortunately, the fixed was to uninstall all Adobe products, and then re-installing the products.  So I had to install CP 2017 and CP 9.  Support was not aware that they deleted CP, and I was under the assumption that only the cloud products were erased.  Be careful to verify with support about what software they will be removing when they want to do a complete wipe of your Adobe directory.

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Adobe Captivate 2017 project size vs. Captivate 9 project size

I recently built a new project in Captivate 2017 and was having issues optimizing the size to play well in our LMS. I rebuilt the same project(same images and audio) in Captivate 9 and it saved as a third of the size that it was in Captivate 2017. ( example Cap.9  was 112 MB and Cap. 2017 was 360 MB ) Has anyone else noticed this and have suggestions on how to optimize the size in 2017?

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Atrasando o próximo código em segundos.

Como está você, espero que bem!

Dando sequência a Ações Avançadas no Captivate 2017, vou apresentar um código que atrasa em segundos a próxima ação.

Imagine que você deseja criar uma balão e deseja que o mesmo fique por um determinado tempo na tela, uns 15 segundos para que haja tempo de leitura.

Para isso, adicionamos uma Ação Avançada chamada de Atrasar Próximas acoes em: e você entra com uma literal com o valor desejado, vejamos na imagem a seguir:

A Ação que adicionei, fará com que, o slide demore 10 segundo antes de continuar.

Você poderá atribuir essa ação para diversos Comandos, diversas tipos de ações. É uma Ação bem interessante para leitura do slide, apresentação de uma imagem, Gamificações entre outros.

Abraços e até o próximo tutorial.

Fabio Oliveira – Fojool

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What are the 3 top activities in Captivate?

I am putting together a brief peomo/explanatory note for my boss about  Captivate  and I would really appreciate your opinion about top 3 interactive features.

Alternetevly , if you could screenrecord  a  cool activity you came accross  and share it with me it would be great! I am  loving Captivate, well I have been using the  interactive Adobe Forms for last 10 years….I have no idea why they split timeline and storyboard, these are two common video editing  visualisation methods.


I accidentally downloaded Captivate Prime app today and it is clear it was developed for a sizeable financial firm like Wells Fargo. The SaleForce is the system I usedd to attrribute the sale credit to the Sales I do not know if it used in any other industry. To cut to the chase Captivate Prime is nothing to do with Captivate as we know it )

Thank you!

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LapTop and widescreen external screen – not resetting

I have a pc and every day I am at my Workstation.

But when I am going to record I have to reconnect my pc and move it to a private room.

When I open the program – the popup boxes does not fit. the menu bar does not fit eighter. and I cannot see the ok button and some of the Controllers on the record popup Box as wel.

I see it when I reconnect to the widescreen and it Works like it should be doing there. but not when I reconnect it from the dockingstation.

I have also restarted the pc.

So what can I do?

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