Conversion from Flash Based Technologies with the DOD

The ADL Initiative bridges across Defense and other Federal agencies to encourage collaboration, facilitate interoperability, and promote best practices for using distributed learning to provide the highest-quality education, training, informal learning, and just-in-time support; tailored to individual needs and delivered cost-effectively, anytime and anywhere, to increase readiness, save resources, and facilitate interorganizational collaboration. If you are updating older courses for the DOD you should read and bookmark this article.

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Which is the best LMS for Adobe Captivate? Your Experience

Share your experience about LMS options you used to publish your Captivate course on different platforms. I’m just curious to know, your thoughts. Also it will be very beneficial for other members who are seeking for same answer.


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Augmented Reality – Quizzing

Has anyone used Augmented Reality as a quizzing tool?  Our company is in an industrial environment that requires extensive knowledge of the process systems.  Using hotspots on equipment seems like an awesome way to create a scavenger hunt style quizzing system.  Typically this quizzing would need to follow reading about, drawing and discussing the system in detail. Our current learning path is blended but the quizzing is dull.

I haven’t used VR or AR but would like to hear some thoughts on the topic.

If you were in this environment, would you utilize this technology in this way?

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Created a video to document SLOW RESPONSIVENESS of Captivate 2019 for Mac Version …. LINK TO VIDEO INCLUDED

Hi folks,

I have created a video just to display the really NOTED EXTREME SLOWNESS being experienced with Captivate 2019 for Mac, Version

Here is a link to the video-

This is not the world’s most exciting video,

but I have created this just to hopefully SHOW rather than just TELL what is going on with Captivate for Mac Version

I start by just showing a demo of me using Photoshop on this same Mac, and then showing Captivate on the same computer

I’ve sent a link to this same video to Adobe’s Tech Support as well

I am a major fan of all of Adobe’s products and I eventually hope to be certified in some of their products.

However, for that reason, I find it important to show them what is going on with this product for their customers.

ALSO- If it were possible for me to secure an OLDER VERSION of Captivate for Mac,

as long as it would behave at a faster speed than what you’ll see on this video, I would be willing to use it.

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SCORM course very slow

I created and published a SCORM using Captivate and uploaded it on our LMS. I have received some concerns that few colleagues are either not able to access the course or some of its contents or the course is exponentially slow to load for them. This is fixed when they access the course using VPN.

It sounds like there is a network issue here but are there any other insights you can give me? I can also post my Captivate publish settings here if you would like to have a look at these/think these might be relevant.

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Fluid boxes challenge

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been thinking a lot about fluid boxes recently. In conferring with more than a few regular Captivate users, the response has been “they’re nice in theory, but I don’t use them”. Let’s change that. Let’s figure out how to really make these things work for us.

I propose a template showcase where we make fluid box templates that we share with each other. So, if you’re thinking you want to use fluid boxes for something, but you can’t figure out how, post it on this thread and I’ll see if I can come up with an answer that might help you.

Or, if you’re already using fluid boxes and willing to share your templates with the rest of us, explain the template you made and how it can help and post it.

Let’s help each other out!

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Breaking Captivate News!

If you’re like me you’re always trying to find out the latest about Adobe eLearning. This post might get shut down but I won’t be silenced! I’ve managed to figure out that the Adobe Learning Summit 2019 will take place on October 3rd, 2019. I don’t have the conference details yet but I noticed that an additional date for the Adobe Captivate Specialist Certification Program has been added here:

You’ll notice that the Las Vegas event is scheduled for October 2nd and is priced at $499. The regular price of the Adobe Captivate Specialist Certification Program is $799. The only time it’s less expensive is when it coincides with an Adobe eLearning live event such as the eLearning Conference in Washington DC or the Learning Summit in Las Vegas. You can’t keep a secret from me.

So why does this matter in March? Here’s the deal. When you participate on the Adobe eLearning Community by performing activities like showcasing your work, posting blogs or video tutorials, writing testimonials for Adobe eLearning products and posting discussions, questions or answering user questions correctly, Adobe gives you points. Now you might be thinking why do I give a hoot about points? Here’s why. If you can accumulate 5,000 points (this discussion I’ve started will earn me 100 points), you will receive…

  1. 12 months of complimentary license usage of Adobe Captivate and Captivate Prime;
  2. complimentary invite, including travel and accommodation costs within the US to the Adobe Learning Summit; and
  3. invitation to speak at the Adobe Learning Summit

Knowing that the Adobe Learning Summit is in early October means you have some work to do to get ready. You’ve got six months or so to post 50 video tutorials, blog posts, or demo projects created in Captivate. Accumulate the points needed and not only can get Adobe Captivate for free for 12 months but you could be going to Vegas for free as well. The Adobe Learning Summit 2019 would be my eighth Adobe Live event that I’ve attended for no cost to me. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you there as well.

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