Captivate help needed please

Hello all

I’m having some trouble getting our LMS to recognise the scoring of my Adobe Captivate course. The course is published as SCORM 1.2 but when uploaded to the LMS, a certificate of completion is provided even if the pass mark was not achieved, yet the result states the course was failed. It’s very confusing for our learners. I’d really appreciate any assistance on this matter please. The LMS provider are also looking into the matter.

Thank you


Sukhy Virdee

3D & eLearning

These two things generally don’t go together, given the system resources needed to create 3D elements. However recently, I am starting to see more 3D applications come from Adobe targeting inexperienced users. For example you can now embed Cinema 4D files into Illustrator for realistic print visuals. There is also a new Adobe product called Dimensions that allows you to easily incorporate 3D elements into marketing materials. I often use 3D, very much like Photoshop, it is way easier more realistic to create a real shadow, than a fake one. I was wondering is anyone else using 3D in their eLearning workflow?

Adult Learning Theory interwoven into Captivate built E-Learning

Greetings Community,

As a trainer and practitioner of Adult Learning, I am always interested in the ways and means to approach e-learning through the looking glass of Adult Learning theory. I am currently at SUNY-Empire to learn more about this integration with a MA in Adult Learning/Learning Technologies. Always looking for best practices from my AL community. Chime in!!

Diana Sterling

Canvas LMS Uses/best practices?

Our organization uses the Canvas LMS and I would love to begin a discussion about things others have learned using Captivate with Canvas.  I’ve got the SCORM integration enabled and have imported an activity successfully into a course, but am curious if others have experienced any challenges or successes that they could share?

Pinch/zoom on iPhone

Hi Everybody,

I have just published a test HTML5 question slide in Adobe Captivate 10 with a small format of 320 by 500 px. I disabled the player controls and put it on my server. I than opened it on my iPhone. It looks good, but the slide is basically published in a sort of iFrame. So i Can pinch and zoom within this frame, does anybody know a way to publish without this extra frame around the content?

Hope my explanation is clear.



Showing a hidden button on 2nd visit to the slide



I have this as slide 2 of a project and the Review & Lab buttons jump to other slides, and then those are directed back to this slide.  I do not want the transparent “Click here to skip to quiz” button to show until the learner comes back to this page a second or subsequent time.  Essentially, I only want it hidden on the first visit to the page, but any time the user comes back around to it, I want it shown.

Can someone show me a script that will achieve this.  I am rather new, and need to progress quickly with the projects I am creating for our LMS.  Thanks in advance!


Issues with Captivate SCORM, browser compatibility in Litmos app

I am using Adobe Captivate 9 and uploading a SCORM into the Litmos LMS platform. When the SCORM is viewed on the Litmos mobile app on a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, I get the following message: “Adobe Captivate – This browser does on support some of the content in the file you are trying to view. Use one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer 9 or later, Safari 5.1 or later, Google Chrome 17 or later, Firefox undefined or later.” The SCORM screen is cut off on the right side, eliminating the progress slide arrows when it does try to run. I have tried to work with Litmos on the issue, being that it is their app … the they say it is an Adobe Captivate issue. When I Publish the file, I publish it as an HTML5 format with “Scalable HTML content checked.”


Is this truly an Adobe Captivate issue, a Litmos app issue, a Samsung Galaxy issue? Any suggestions how  can correct it so that the SCORM not only plays on desktop, laptops, and tablets … but also on smartphones?