How to Share Projects with Collaborators

I am new to Adobe, I haven’t even started my first project. I am just wondering (while it downloads) if there is a way to add a collaborator to a project? The similarities to PowerPoint are astounding, and I am excited to see how many of my skills transfer. Thanks!

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Adding Your Own Fonts to Adobe Fonts

One of the coolest features in Adobe Creative Cloud is the ability to add your own open fonts or True Type Fonts to your Creative Cloud account. This works and I can access my fonts in a responsive design course but when I publish those fonts with my responsive design project they are not available to the end-users of my eLearning course like other Adobe Fonts would be. Is this something that can be done, or is there a relatively easy workaround for this to function as one would expect?

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Audio Split across multiple slides


Initially, while importing audio, a dialog box came up and I was able to split the audio among the many slides; now I the dialog box is not displayed, preferences are checked.  Pl let me know how to resolve this.

Next, I was able to see all the slides and move them accordingly based on the preferred timeline; the slides are not displayed at all; I would have to add audio individually to each slide which is a lot of work and the software is supposed to do this.

I guess, these two issues are interconnected. Kindly let me know how to work around this if this is a known bug.

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Higher Ed and eLearning Content

HI all.

It has been a little bit since I posted as the work front has been pretty busy. Looking to do more on the community in the next while as I get further settled into a new job.

But this is why I am posting. I work in Higher Ed and we are obviously doing a lot of remote work at the moment. We have received some feedback about the online offering we have as being less than stellar. I think part of it comes down to the engagement factor for an asynchronous delivery.

My question to the group is, as a new member of a team, how do I approach making a recommendation on adding more engaging content using eLearning? I think investing in some software and development time could make a big difference in how content is being served up. But I just do not know if the organization does or not.

Curious to hear your responses. All tips and suggestions are welcomed.

Thanks all.

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Failure message not being shown on Drag and Drop

Hi Folks!

I am working on an e-learning project with a DnD slide where I have 2 drop targets and 1 drag source. The On Success action is working fine (i.e. taking to next slide) while the issue lies in On Failure action, it does not take me to the slide I want to.

I tried achieving it using Execute Advanced Actions, Show and Hide Failure message, but nothing seems to work out. I would really appreciate the help from the forum as I am unable to proceed with my work.



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Is Captivate in YouTube fully interactive?

Hello, Captivate has caught my attention…. !!

So the question is: While I know you can publish your captivate project file to YouTube, does it mean that the YouTube video hosted with YouTube is interactive?

Like it would be a proper interactive learning resource more than just a mere video?

…I really hope so…!

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I have created a training video in Captivate 2019 that I want the users to have to click through the slides. I have recorded some audio on them also. The problem I am having is that the audio on the next slide starts to play without the user clicking to go to the next slide. I am sure I am missing something in the timing. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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HTML5 published file still prompting for Flash in LMS

I have a file that we have published as HTML5, however, when loaded to our LMS it is prompting for flash.  I have used the HTML5 tracker and it shows nothing in the file needs to be fixed.  When the file is published, the zip file has 2 .swf files in it:  1  is named haloSkin1_as3_progressive.swf and the other is named Responsive_CoC_10.21.2020.swf.  I am not able to figure out how to get rid of these 2 files.  Any help would be appreciated.  I am attaching the zip file.  Responsive_CoC_10.21.2020

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