Language versioning

I am creating a course consisting of 24 lessons, supposed to be published in six different language versions. Each lesson also has voice over. As the default text caption backgrounds in Captivate are not editable, I have placed most of the on screen text in Smart Shapes. The voice over is available in slide notes.

So, none of these are available for export and import. The export for translation option only exports captions and closed captions. Theoretically, I could use closed captions for the voice text. But then you need a sound file. thus, we’ve got a Catch 22. No closed caption without a sound file, and no sound file whitout text to read from. Obviously a case of the hen and the egg. I could, of course, create empty sound files for each slide, but we’re talking 700+ slides, and the time this would take will take the profit out of the project.

I know I can include Slide Notes in the print option, but then I will have to copy paste all translations back into the language versions. Besides, I really think it should be an option to print Slide Notes only, instead of one page per slide.

Text in Smart Shapes are not exportable at all, allthough it’s included in the search and replace function. This means that I have to do the translation inside Captivate.

I really think Adobe has a long way to go to make language versioning more convenient. Several other authoring tools has made this very easy, so I have a hard time understanding why it’s such a struggle in Adobe Captivate.

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Copy/Paste slides from one software demo to another

Hello, I have noticed in the past two days that when attempt to copy and paste slides from one software demo to another, it shifts the highlight boxes and text captions off from their targets and creates a strange overlay effect. This hasn’t been the case in the past.  Is this a known glitch? Is there a workaround?

Please help!


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Narration from video almost inaudible

Another department did a screen recording with an audio narration. They gave it to me as a mp4. The video portion was unusable, but the audio was exactly what I wanted. So, I started a new Video Demo in captivate 2019, played the video in the background and captured the system audio while I steered along in the active video recording window. It was all falling into place quickly.

Playing form the timeline, it was just fine. However, when I used Captivate’s Preview or viewed a published SCORM item, the audio was practically inaudible.

I tried many iterations, like importing the audio as an mp3 and  a wav. Same results. During a couple tests, I played the audio file while screen recording with some other streaming audio playing from Pandora. I could heard the Pandora audio just fine, but the narration was just a bunch of scratchy noises.

I’ve tried different bit rates, audio file types, importing the narration, recording the narration as system audio… nothing. The lady’s voice is possessed.

What am I missing?

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Self Paced Learning not working in Captivate 2019

Hi all,

I believe this has been previously discussed. I tried to respond to an existing discussion but I got an error. Perhaps it was because it was an old discussion so I am posting this question again. I apologize.

I am having the same problem getting self paced learning to work in  both Chrome and IE. In my case, I do not get the pop-up asking me to resume where I left off in either browser. The course always starts at the beginning. I have version installed and it is the only version that has ever been installed on this computer. I have been testing  my courses both on my desktop and from a network folder.

I have self paced learning checked. And Never Send Resume Data unchecked. The course will not be run from an LMS but from the customers internal intranet. For the most part my slides are set to No Action on Enter and No Action on Exit. This course is mostly read so I also have an invisible button in the corner of each slide that stops the slide from automatically progressing the next slide until the user clicks the Next button on the playbar. Each slide for the most part is set to a default of 3 seconds and when testing I wait until the end before I click Next.



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HTML5 loading issues


Hello, I wonder if anyone could advise me please.  I’ve made some games and activities as pdf’s which work fine. But due to the removal of flash at the end of 2020, I’ve been trying to save these as HTML5.  When I preview them in captivate through the HTML5 option they work fine. But they don’t work in any of my browsers, Safari, Firefox of Chrome, they just seem to constantly trying to open but nothing happens..   The only activities that work are the Quiz & Drag & Drop interaction based activities.   I attach a copy of a matching game, many thanks Karen I’m using captivate 9.

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