Help Needed Publishing Content from Captivate 2019

When trying to publish file in captivate – I am only given the HTLM5 Option to “save as” I also cannot publish to YouTube or My Computer. None of the message boards address how to change the publishing settings related to this. Please help.

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Copy and Paste Error

Hi, I am using the most updated version of Captivate 11.5.1 and already checked if there was any updates- there is not. I have cleared my preferences, cache, and run Captivate as an administrator. That said, my team and I are all running into an issue where copy and pasting shapes that are set as a button as well as copying quiz slides from one project to another is causing a “fatal error” everytime. We have done both of these in the past with no issue. Is anyone else experiencing this error/ any advice on how to fix it?

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Hyperlink in scrolling text box

In my current project (utilizing the latest version), I created a resource library for the learner to use post quiz. I created the scroll box by utilizing this:

In the text, I have hyperlink and when I click, I get an error message. Is there a way to have the hyperlinks in scrolling text boxes?

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DpiAwareness = 1 but still getting error message

Following a download of an update to Captivate 2019, my admin support updated the DpiAwareness parameter to 1. However, when I try to start a Software Simulation I’m still getting the error. Can anyone advise on what might be causing this.

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CAPTIVATE 2019 publish missing content seen in preview

I have worked with 2019 Captivate projects on a Mac and a PC. I am getting expected results when I preview HTML5 in browsers (Safari, Chrome, IE)  and I routinely have text captions that do not show up when I publish the HTML5 project to a folder. Is this a recurring or known issue? Any work arounds? I’m hoping for the dream of WYSIWYG performance between preview and publish.

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Captivate 19 – slow on PC


I run a hi-spec laptop but have ongoing performance issues with Captivate. Looking for solution(s) for:

1. Takes 5 – 10 minutes to load the app

2. Can run slow within the app. Mouse movements jerky and slow response to key clicks >120 seconds

3. 30 – 60 minutes to save files which sometimes are corrupted. Unable to save to local hard drive as Captivate reports not enough space

thnx James

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Another Audio issue

I have 2 slides that have audio on them. Both slides have an audio clip that plays when presented and 2 buttons that display states with objects on them, such as text an image with an audio clip as well.  It is a regular interactive content slide, originally from Captivates assets that I have modified to suit my needs. The option for each of the buttons ‘Stop Slide Audio’ has been selected. Audio for the objects is activated by conditional actions using “Execute Advanced action” for each button.

So here is the problem, when you play the audio on the timeline for the slide that is on the workspace all audio is played, and it is jumble together, however, when previewed “From this slide,” “Next 5 Slides”,  or in “HTML 5 in Browser” all audio works as it should. So how do I correct this problem, trivial as it is?

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