Pause/play button and a custom drag and drop (issues)

Hi Everybody,

I’m working on a eLearning and ran into a few tiny hiccups that I think can be fixed easily. The problem is that I can’t seem to find a solution.
Here are the problems i’m having.

Pause/play toggle:
I used a tutorial (and I don’t remember which one) to build a pause/play toggle button that pauses the timeline and plays again after pushing the button again.
The problem with this button is, that for the first time to pause the timeline, I have to push the button twice. After that, it starts working perfectly.

Custom drag and drop slide:
Here I have a few small issues.
– When pressing Submit, my submit button disappears (this is not a big issue. Think I’ve already asked this ones and it can not be fixed)
– What also disappears after a few seconds, is my response text. This should stay in the screen till the end and right now it doesn’t
– This slide has a voiceover MP3 running in the back. When I tapp the pause/play toggle button to pause the sound and push submit to answer my question. The voiceover starts playing again after pushing the submit button.

Maybe it can not be fixed and I need to build a complete new structure, i’m happy to hear any tips!
If anybody needs more info, screenshots or script examples of the toggle button, please let me know.



Closed Captioning for Video – Synched when editing, not synched otherwise.

I have Captivate 2017. I added an Mp4 as a multi-slide synchronized video and added closed captions to it via the Edit Video Timing dialog box.

The video is 2 min 11 seconds long and has 47 markers. Everything is synched correctly when setting up the captions in the dialog box, but on previewing in browser (or any other method), the captions come in a couple of seconds too soon.

In case this matters: there’s audio at the beginning of the timeline that ends after about 10 seconds. It also has closed captioning. The video starts after the audio ends. When the video starts, the final closed caption from the audio is still on the screen…

Appreciate any ideas.

What Captivate Features Would You Discontinue?

many red dirty garbage bins against a gray brick wall (copy-space available)

I’m a big fan of what I like to call the democratisation of software. For example, you might have an app for your smartphone that does one or two things well and replaces a much larger application that might cost hundreds of dollars and may only be available for sophisticated devices or PCs. The app for the smartphone or tablet may not do as much stuff, however, for the vast majority of us, it does just fine. Adobe Presenter Video Express is like this for me. I could record my YouTube videos using the Video Demo feature in Captivate and then edit them with webcam footage in Premiere Pro, however for my needs this is overkill. Presenter Video Express suits me fine.

I would like to see some of the older features in the next release of Adobe Captivate removed. Here is a selection that I can think of right off the top of my head:

  • Publishing and preview for Flash
  • Learning Interactions
  • Built-in assortment of image buttons
  • Rating Scale (or make it work with responsive)
  • Roll over captions
  • Skin Borders

Certainly, some of these things can go. Do you agree with me or do you think I’m nuts?  I’d also like to hear what everyone else has to say about the subject.

Making Information Security eLearning Fun/Engaging

Hi all.

I’m designinig my first eLearning course outside of work, where I’m a developer, and it’s on Information Security/Cyber Awareness for employees.

I’ve never designed a course before, and am struggling to find a way to make it interesting for the learners. I’ve looked around and a lot of people use animation of characters/cartoons, but I don’t have this skillset, and feel it doesn’t treat adult learners as adults, like Paul Wilson talks about. I’ve also worked my way through some, which are unbareable and are just information dumps with a quiz at the end.

I was wondering if anyone has experience in compliance and if you have any tips to for non-instructional desingers. I am learning about instructional design, but it’s more the approach I’m struggling with.



1 Hour of Responsive Design in Adobe Captivate – How long does it take you?

Image of four businesswomen interacting at meetingI know this has been a topic that has been discussed on other sites but I would really like to engage in a discussion on this topic with other Captivate developers. What are your thoughts?

Consider that not all eLearning is created equal so let’s discuss this with level 1, 2, and 3 eLearning in mind, where level 1 is minimal to no interaction such as question slides and basic navigation; level two is intermediate interaction such as tabbed content, scenario based and basic branching; and level 3 is full interactive scenario based training with multiple branching paths. Also, let’s consider that you are just developing the project from a fully realized design. I know some of us are also designers but let’s assume that design time would be roughly the same for most of us.

Here are my initial thoughts.

1 hour of development for level 1 could take me anywhere 40 – 50 hours. I think you could add 20 – 30 hours for level 2 and perhaps 20 – 30 hours for level 3.

Maybe I’m wrong but I would love to hear some other thoughts.


Lighting your Desktop Video for Adobe Presenter Video Express

I’ve tried various ways of lighting videos that I shoot at my desktop with Presenter Video Express.  I’ve even purchased a selfie ring light, but I’m not quite sure how to work that into the equation.

I know several members create professional looking videos for their work, and I’ve also seen some very high-quality videos presented in this forum.

What suggestions do you have for lighting your videos? What works best for you? What should be the “standard” setup?

Any and all feedback is appreciated.