Localize Table of Contents to Different Language

A recent question in the forum was how to localize the Table of Contents text to another language.

You can edit the CPM.js file in the Assets folder > js folder – use Notepad to do so:

See example below.



Duration:true,statusFlag:true,hasSelfPaced:true,htmlFileId:19348,clear:’Clear Status Flag’,bookmark:’Bookmark’,moreInfo:’More Info’,slideTitle:’Slide Title’,duration:’Duration’,minutes:’Minutes’,go:’Go’,noSearchText:’No Matches Found’,


Duration:true,statusFlag:true,hasSelfPaced:true,htmlFileId:19348,clear:’Bandera de Estado Clara’,bookmark:’Marcador’,moreInfo:’Más información’,slideTitle:’Título de la diapositiva’,duration:’Duración’,minutes:’Minutos’,go:’Mi para Ir’,noSearchText:’No se encontraron coincidencias’

Make sure you edit the file after you publish your last version of your project. Also if the language has accents save the CPM.js file out of Notepad in UTF-8 format.

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Online Learning Live – Narration: Human vs. Computer Generated | April 23, 2019 10 AM EDT

Use this link if you wish to set up a reminder or participate in the live chat: https://youtu.be/MoGHYMAbJow

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Online Learning Live – Building Your Online Learning Brand | April 15, 2019 12 PM EDT

Follow the link if you want to participate in the live chat https://youtu.be/q7Vt7NtoGGI

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Drag and Drop as Navigation

Here is another use for drag and drop that you might consider trying.


Reduce the number of boring click buttons and have the user interact in order to move through your course.

Take a look at this quick example and share some of your own thoughts on how you might use this idea.


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Captivate 2019 Interface with blurry text on 4K display

Hello, recently I replaced both my monitors with new ones that run at 4k. When launching Adobe Captivate 2019, the font throughout the interface is noticeably blurry compared to all other text in windows. Is this a known issue or is there an easy fix to this problem?

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Math Practice

Here is an activity that combines a little bit of Drag and Drop to provide interaction along with some state changes. Oh – cannot forget the background magic that helps to perform the calculations. Not much flair – just the concepts. Helping to spark ideas for everyone.

This is a calculator of sorts that will perform the four basic math operations with the single digits that you place in the circles via drag and drop.

Each of the two drop targets, when accepting a numbered circle, assigns the value of that number to a variable and performs the calculation of the two drop targets.

The operator buttons on the side simply change the states of the banner, operator sign, and answer box and perform all the same calculations. This way – every action pretty much updates the answers in real time rather than having a separate “Calculate Now” type of button.

I know that all of you don’t need to practice your elementary math skills but the question is… how could you take a similar concept and apply it to your own projects?

Feel free to ask any questions that yo may have.


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An unfinished game I was working on

Hi all, i wanted to share a unifinshed developed game that I was working on a few years back. Despite it not being finished, I was happy with where it was heading and wanted to showcase some of the work that went into it. The idea was to create a game based on the fitting process of a particular contact lens. The end product would walk the user the the fitting steps required as well as show how the decisions made in the process can effect the patient in question. I had previously created an animation for them so the idea was to utilize this animation for assets in order to bring the content to life.

The original brief was for this to be flash based and for it be accessed through a desktop browser (shows how far back we are going!). So based on this i built a demo that was to those specs which of course allowed me to make great use of the video feature! the initial demo is below.

But then they announced that flash was to be fazed out and so the client now changed the spec to create a game that ran across MULTIPLE mobile devices and be based in html5. It quickly became apparent that what I had built was not going to work and the video feature was not working as I needed it to on the devices. So after much freaking out, i came up with another solution – create animated giffs and assemble them on the time line to create the effect needed. This worked perfect and ran smoothly on the all devices (see below). I ensured i tested on old devices to make sure this was as usuable as it could be across multiple platforms and devices so ended up testing with an iPad 1, Ip[hone 4 and a very old galaxy tab.

Desktop Browser

Mobile Browsers

The above versions are all based on build version 2. i did initially get quite far into build 1 before the client wanted to change the structure of the learning and essentially I had to start from scratch… again!. I have shown build 1 below, please bear in mind though that this is unfinished and there is a lot of place holder artwork there whilst the final designs were being signed of for client. The opening segments are mostly complete but the back end was still being built.

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of whats shown and hopefully help some out with ideas of what is possible with captivate! I enjoyed building it, it was my first ever project in captivate and I was learning as I went along.

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