Custom eLearning: 4 Fundamental Ingredients to Set Your eLearning Content Development on Fire

Skilled Instructional Designers are similar to Master Chefs! They cook the dish of quality eLearning in all formats – custom eLearning, rapid eLearning, mobile learning or microlearning. Whichever may be the eLearning format, the core ingredients they use determine the learner’s appetite for learning. Keeping these ingredients handy can help instructional designers create effective eLearning…

Top 5 Benefits of Custom eLearning in Retail Industry

In the Retail Industry, custom eLearning offers massive benefits as opposed to the traditional instructor-led training in terms of retail employee training. Training the sales staff pose industry specific challenges such as restricted training budgets, dispersed workforce, high turnover rates, etc. Embracing custom eLearning for product knowledge, onboarding, compliance and sales skills would help retailers…

8 Tips To Create Personalized Online Training Paths

Effective online training is relevant, targeted, and goal-centered. It gives EVERY employee the opportunity to achieve their online training objectives and bridge performance gaps. In this article, I'll share 8 tips to create personalized online training paths to meet your staff's individual needs.

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5 Reasons Bespoke eLearning Gives Your Company A Competitive Advantage

Are you ready to take the leap and customize your online training course? In this article, I'll share the top tips to help you find the right bespoke eLearning vendor for your corporate eLearning program. You'll also discover 3 very important questions to ask before you make your final decision. 

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5 Best Practices For An eLearning Modernization Makeover In 2017

Is your eLearning out of fashion or failing to keep up with industry best practice? In this article, PulseLearning discusses 5 tips that will help you do an eLearning modernization makeover.

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8 Reasons Why Outsourcing Custom Content Development Helps Every Business

With changing business dynamics, businesses need to focus on core activities and outsource other functions. Outsourcing custom content development is now an established and beneficial practice. This article outlines 8 reasons why you should go for outsourcing and how this will help your business.

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The 2 Parts Of A Successful Content Modernization Strategy

When most people think of modernizing learning content they think of updating old content, but that’s only part modernization. A successful content modernization strategy has two parts: Reacting to aging content and proactively creating new content to last longer and be easier to update.

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