6 Translation Strategies You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Translating online corporate training programs is much more than converting courses from one language to another. This article will look at the various translation strategies that go into making a successful global translation.

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5 Most Effective eLearning Localization Strategies

In localization, information is not just translated from one language to another, but rather is adapted to effectively convey the same meaning in the target culture. Read about effective eLearning localization strategies in this article.

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7 Secrets For Effective Online Course Translations

With globalization, organizations today are entering new markets and territories. Good translations of online courses play a key role in imparting effective training to multilingual workforce. Read this article for 7 tips that’ll ensure smooth translations of online courses, at minimal costs.

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10 Critical Tips To Prepare Before Outsourcing eLearning Localization

The best way to optimize your ROI on eLearning projects is to translate them into as many target languages as relevant. However, if you intend to outsource the localization of your eLearning material, there are a few critical mistakes to avoid. Here is a list of 10 pitfalls and how to avoid them.

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eLearning Writing: 3 Courses To Help You Improve Your Writing Skills

Are you looking for new ways to engage your audience? Better eLearning writing might be your answer. Read on to learn how compelling content, storytelling, and localization can help you write better content that keeps your audience engaged.

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eLearning Localization Advantages And Best Practices To Follow For Easy Success

The eLearning industry is continually growing every year. One can easily say that it is the future of education, as it comes with an abundance of benefits for both teachers and students. However, there are necessary steps to be taken if one wants to make a greater impact with their eCourses. One of them is definitely localization.

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Product Knowledge Training: eLearning Translation and Localization for a Distributed Sales Force of a Fortune 500 Company

Product related educational material is transformed into online multi-lingual eLearning programs for global workforce in their native languages. Highlights Convert learning content from English language to widely spoken global languages – Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, Polish, German and Russian Stringent development standards to deliver high quality elearning solutions to one of the fortune 500 company eLearning…