Making Information Security eLearning Fun/Engaging

Hi all.

I’m designinig my first eLearning course outside of work, where I’m a developer, and it’s on Information Security/Cyber Awareness for employees.

I’ve never designed a course before, and am struggling to find a way to make it interesting for the learners. I’ve looked around and a lot of people use animation of characters/cartoons, but I don’t have this skillset, and feel it doesn’t treat adult learners as adults, like Paul Wilson talks about. I’ve also worked my way through some, which are unbareable and are just information dumps with a quiz at the end.

I was wondering if anyone has experience in compliance and if you have any tips to for non-instructional desingers. I am learning about instructional design, but it’s more the approach I’m struggling with.



Visiting Universities to Talk about eLearning


I’ve been pondering on the idea of whether universities would be interested in having someone from the eLearning industry come in and talk about online training, and how it can help professions like teaching. I think students on teaching degrees would be the most relevant audience, but also for the course lecturers as well. I know I need to get in touch with the universities to find out, but was wondering if anyone has done this before? I was thinking of showing them how quickly a course can be made by the teachers themselves using something like Captivate and how it can help engage their students.

Would appreciate your thoughts.

What Makes a Good Laptop for Captivate?

Hi all,

I’m in need of a new laptop as mine is dying. Even crashed whilst on a skype call with a client recently. Great first impression.


I was wondering what makes Captivate happy for performance, and if any of you have recommendations on any models. Budget is up to £1,000, which is around $1,262.90, according to Google, as of today.

I would prefer a laptop over a desktop for portability and for taking it to meetings etc.



What Will elearning Look Like In The Future?

Lately I’ve been wondering what elearning will look  like in the future.

With technologies always emerging like virtual reality, gamification and more focus on mobile learning; will there still be a place for the current format of working through modules slide by slide?

I think technologies like VR will become more affordable for everyone and when the process is made easier, it could possibly become the new norm. But is this realistic, and what other technologies do you think could also change how we make training?

It also brings up the question of what skills do you think we should be learning now, for the future, so our current skills won’t become outdated.

Would love to hear your thoughts.


A Social Live Stream For Our Community

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in having a social live stream with Google hangouts for our awesome community.

I thought it would be nice if we could have a chat and maybe use our webcams, and get to know each other a bit better.

A lot of you have helped me and I’m sure we’ve all helped each other, but only a few of us have probably met/seen each other in person.

I would be happy to organise everything and all you would need to do is join in. If you have a webcam that’s great, but if not we can still chat.

Would be interested to hear your thoughts.


One-to-One Training for Adobe Captivate

Hi all,

I’m now providing paid one-to-one training for Adobe Captivate and wanted to let you all know, in case anyone is just getting started.

I started as an elearning developer with no experience or knowledge of Adobe Captivate and know how much it would have helped if I had someone to mentor me.

I do this full-time as an elearning developer as well but am now moving into training people on Captivate.

This can easily be done via webcam and screen sharing software as well.

If you’d like to know more, my email is




Hiding the Next button until all tasks are done. What are your thoughts?

A lot of the interactions I make at work are based on not allowing users to continue until all of the interactions on a slide have been completed. 

An exmaple could be there are four buttons, which need to be clicked so they show all of the popups, and then the next button will appear. 

I’ve heard from videos online that there are mixed views on this approach and am interested to hear what are your thoughts. I know from a usability point of view, it breaks one of the heuristics, which is to give freedom to users with navigation, but it comes up so often with what I do day-to-day. 

Really interested to hear your thoughts.



Captivate Quick Tips #6: Blurry Text in Shapes

Hi all,

When I  create shapes in Captivate 8, I’ve always had the issue of blurry text, in the browser, when I write inside of the shapes. You can write in any shape by double clicking on the them once created. But finally I found a way to work around this.

After you’ve created the shape you want, create a text caption and place it on top of the shape. By doing this you won’t have any of the blurred text when previewing in HTML 5. For some shapes you may have to adjust the size and rotation of the caption, but I was so releaved after working this out.

If you have experienced blurry text in browsers when previewing your work and have fixed it, I would love to hear how you did it.

Hope this helps.