Streamed Video in a Web Object (UStream)

My organization is having issues with videos playing in a web object using an embed code.

The first problem is that we’ve been unable to make the “black bars” on the top/bottom or left/right (not at the same time) disappear.  Reducing the height, for example, instead ends up pushing the player bar off the bottom of the screen.

I’ve also had inconsistent results when I select the “Auto Load” checkbox.  In one project, when the box is unchecked you have to select the video twice to make it play.  Selecting the box results in your only having the select the video once.  However, in a similar project, you get the same result with an unchecked box but when you check the box the video doesn’t want to actually load (get the spinning wheel of death).  Both videos were loaded to the streaming provider the same way…and the embed codes generated the same way…so we’re scratching our heads trying to figure out what is going on.

We are using UStream as our streaming provider, so specific comments related to that service would be appreciated.



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Increment In Advanced Actions

I have built an advanced action that uses a variable to change the state of a shape and to hide/show some links based upon the value of the variable.  The advanced action is executed each time the “Continue” button is selected.

The variable (v_introCntr) starts with a value of 0 and the first action in the Advanced Action increments the variable by 1.  From there I have a series of “If” statements that check the value of the variable and are supposed to execute the corresponding actions accordingly.  The problem is that the only result I’m seeing is the last action…the value of v_introCntr seems to keep incrementing up until it hits 15 and then the corresponding states & hide/shows for 15 are displayed.

It’s not executing any of the other actions….I added some test variables in there just to see and they aren’t effected.

Here’s what my Adv Actions looks like:

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.  This one is driving me crazy!


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Can I not jump back over knowledge check slides?

Here’s my situation…I created a course with some front material (slide 1 and 2), a series of questions using knowledge check slide (set to 1 attempt only), and then more content.  On the first slide of the second content area, I added a button to let the learner “Jump to slide 2”.  But, this functionality won’t work…instead the course seems to “pause”, then it “goes to next slide”.  I’ve checked the code and it is correct…it happened again when I checked the code and reloaded it to the LMS.

Anyone have any ideas?  Will Captivate not let me jump back over the knowledge slides once they’ve been answered?



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Moving an interactive object off the stage…can I?

I’m attempting to use JavaScript, on-enter to a slide, to move a button off of the stage and later move it back on when it is needed.  I’m not using show/hide for reasons that aren’t germane to the question I’m asking.

I’ve done this before with images…moved them off of the stage with JS “on-enter” and then animated them onto the stage when a button is selected.  I’m actually able to animate the button in question and move it around with JS, but I can’t make it move off of the stage on-enter.

At this point, the only explanation I can think of is that Captivate won’t let me move an interactive object completely off of the stage.

Does anyone have any info or have experience with this?



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JavaScript Motion Effect Problem

OK…I’m on a roll this week with JavaScript questions.

I’m attempting to use JavaScript to move an object off the side of the page and then back on when you select a button.

Here’s the code I used:

var obj = document.getElementById( ‘re-txtField_2c’ );

var posX = parseInt( ); = “.4s”; = (posX + 910) + ‘px’;

I had code to bring the button back as well, but it doesn’t seem like I need it.  Through troubleshooting one problem, I learned that this will move my object off the screen, and then it slide back to it’s original position.

Here the problem I’m having…select the button the first time and everything works fine.  Select it a second time in a row, and it moves the object off the screen but doesn’t bring it back.  Select it a third time in a row and nothing happens.

I put the same code on a second button.  Now, if I alternate between selecting button One and Two everything seems to work fine….but if I select either button more than once in a row things break….but, they are fixed if I then select the other button.

I’m very, very new to trying to work with JavaScript (especially within Captivate) so I’m sure there is some nuance or rule that I’m unaware of that is causing me difficult.

Thanks in advance for the help!


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Customs Effects Cancelling One Another Out

Here’s another question related to a project I previously asked a question about.

I’m trying to make an object slide off the page to the right, change it’s state, and then slide back on to the page from the right.  The problem is that one effect seems to be cancelling out the other.  Here is the preview of the action:

Note that LefttoRight and RighttoLeft are both “custom” actions because I needed them to move specific distances.  I loaded the custom actions I saved (slideIn and slideOut), but the names changed when I saved the action.

Before I added the “Delay Next Action” command, the first effect (left to right, duration .4 sec) couldn’t be seen executing…instead the object seemed to disappear and then the object, with the state changed, would slide in from right to left.  After I added the delay, the object slides off the page (left to right) but never comes back (no right to left).

Any idea what I’m missing?



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JS or Effects with Objects with a State

I learned something unpleasant yesterday and I’m hoping someone can help me get around it.

I want to use either JavaScript or a motion path to move an image off the side of the page (to the left if that matters), change it’s state, and then bring it back on to the page from the direction it left.  The unpleasant thing that I found was that I’d added text captions to the image’s different states (the reason for the motion), but the JS/motion path only moved the image…not that text; which stayed static.

Any idea on how I can move everything at once, or will I have to have different states for each individual item and identify them individually to make them all move together.

As always, thanks for the help.



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Importing Cinema 4D output into Captivate 9

I want to use a very basic animation (a figure walking up to a desk) into Captivate 9. 

Our Visual Production shop is using Cinema 4D to create these objects, but I need to know the specifics on what output I’ll need to bring what they create into Captivate. 

Any help on what I need to tell them…or anything in particular I need to consider….would be greatly appreciated.