Free Webinar: The Future Of Learning – “Where Should We Focus This Year?”

The Future Of Learning - "Where Should We Focus This Year?"

The needs of today’s organizations—and the organizations of tomorrow—are changing, but our industry’s existing practices are falling behind the rapidly changing workplace. We need to take an in-depth look at the tools, design, and technology trends we should be focusing on to evolve our learning and performance content and ecosystems for the future.

This Best of Learning Solutions Webinar, "The Future of Learning: Where Should We Focus This Year?", with Nick Floro, will explore the top five trends affecting the learning and performance industry and outline a plan to get started in the process of evolving. Participants will leave this session with dozens of ideas to reboot their brains with fresh perspectives on how to enhance their learning and engage their audiences.

Join this complimentary webinar on January 13 at 10:00 AM PT and examine what trends mean for your organization. Register now at

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Free Webinar: Mapping Your Organizational Learning Architecture

Free Webinar: Mapping Your Organizational Learning Architecture

Understanding your learning architecture is critical to the success of major learning technology projects. If you don’t, you could be missing critical connections in how your organizational learning technology components work together causing your projects to become delayed due to confusion and unnecessary time spent reviewing details.

Your organizational learning architecture can be complex and confusing. So where do you start?

This complimentary webinar, Best of Ecosystem: Mapping Your Organizational Learning Architecture, from The eLearning Guild, will show you how to create a map that explains the connections between all the moving parts of your learning architecture and enables you to get buy–in on your plans and strategy.

You’ll learn how to find and choose images to represent components of your architecture, and how to clearly show the relationships between systems and the various data feeds. You’ll leave this session able to build your own map, clearly explain your plans, and show what a successful solution looks like.

Join Adam Weisblatt, head of learning technology at Nielsen, on December 9 at 10:00 AM PT to learn how to map your organizational learning architecture so you can successful explain your system to your stakeholders.

Learn more or register now!

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The Beginners Guide To Designing And Developing Virtual Classroom Training

The Beginners Guide To Designing And Developing Virtual Classroom Training

Whether you have been designing and developing virtual instructor-led training courses for years or are just getting started, designing seamless, effective, and interactive training that appeals to your learners can be challenging.

  • Which virtual classroom tools should you use?
  • What best practices should you follow to ensure success?
  • What common challenges do people typically face and what are the best solutions to overcome them?
  • Where can you go to get help?

There are a lot of questions that are probably running through your head before getting started on a new project.

If you want to learn more about designing and developing virtual classroom training The eLearning Guild has a great live online course to help you learn the basics.

The Design and Development of Virtual Classroom Training Basic course from The eLearning Guild Academy, will walk you through the process of designing an interactive virtual classroom training session. Over four, live online sessions you will learn how virtual classroom tools work, experience the best practices behind incorporating the tools into your courses, and design activities as you work together through a scenario. Participants will develop a sample course with a presentation and supporting materials using easy-to-follow templates, and will have the opportunity to share their course designs for feedback and suggestions.

Learn more about this course here.


This course is taught by eLearning Guild speaker coaches Tammy Olson, Karen Hyder, and Melissa Chambers.

Tammy Olson is a speaker coach and session host for The eLearning Guild, and has over 15 years’ experience designing and implementing eLearning solutions for healthcare and educational industries. She also works for OptumHealth.

Karen Hyder is a speaker coach and session host for The eLearning Guild and the founder of Kaleidoscope Training and Consulting, where she teaches trainer training programs for virtual classes and coaching online presenters utilizing the trainer competencies of CompTIA’s Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+).

Melissa Chambers is a speaker coach and session host for The eLearning Guild, and has over 18 years’ experience in creative media production, project and change management, online instructional design, and eLearning strategy development, and has been designing, producing, and coaching for synchronous online programs since 2002. She also works for MSC Consulting.

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Learning Exchange: 30 Tips On eLearning Tools

Learning Exchange: Tips On eLearning Tools

Which tool to select for your job and how to get started using that tool is just the start. How to use that tool more efficiently and more effectively for your work adds a whole new level of understanding to the equation. So what can you do to broaden your understanding of what tools are out there for eLearning professionals and how can you learn to use those tools to the best of their ability?

To help you better understand the tools in the eLearning space and how to use them The eLearning Guild is hosting a 30-in-30 learning event during the month November in the Learning Exchange.The eLearning Guild’s new social learning platform where members of the Guild community can share content and learn from one another. Each day in November a different member of The eLearning Guild community will be adding an eLearning tool tip or trick to the Learning Exchange.

Tips shared during this event will come from Guild members who have discovered tips and tricks from using different tools over the years, practitioners who use these tools every day in their work, and experts in the industry. Of course, the Guild will be adding a few of their own resources to the mix that they have found to be popular among eLearning professionals working with eLearning tools over the years.

Overall, this event is aimed at helping the eLearning community find resources that will help them do the work they love to do even more efficiently.

For anyone who views and marks complete all 30 entries in the 30-in-30 course module in the Learning Exchange by the end of November will be entered into a drawing, held by The eLearning Guild, to win a $100 gift card to The Grommet!*

Learn more about this 30-day learning event in the Learning Exchange at

Not a member of The eLearning Guild but still want to check out these eLearning tool tips? Simply create a complimentary eLearning Guild Associate account and you will have full access to the Learning Exchange for one whole year!

*Terms and conditions apply.

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Learning Solutions 2016: The Event For Training And Learning Professionals – Save $200 Today!

Learning Solutions 2016: The Event For Training And Learning Professionals - Save $200 Today!

Today’s training and development professionals are under increasing pressure to deliver innovative solutions on time and under budget. Learning Solutions 2016 is all about connecting you with peers who are focused on sharing what works as you explore proven methods for leveraging technology in ways that enhance learning and performance in your organization.

If you are looking to build new skills and expertise, find inspiration and new ideas, stay current on the latest industry trends, and network with the entire learning community, Learning Solutions 2016, March 16 – 18 in Orlando, is the must-attend event for you!

Master the skills you need to advance your career with 175+ learning opportunities focused on current and critical topics like these:

  • Instructional Design
  • Tools
  • Media
  • Management
  • Games & Gamification
  • Mobile
  • Performance Support
  • Blended
  • Data & Measurement
  • And more!

The $200 Super Early discount ends Friday, December 11, so register now to maximize your savings!

Learn more or register now!

Included with Learning Solutions 2016: Learning & Performance Ecosystem Conference!

To support today’s fast-moving organizations we need to elevate our perspective—to see and engage with the whole of the organizations we support. The Learning & Performance Ecosystem Conference gives you a unique opportunity to explore how individual and organizational learning and performance can be enhanced by looking beyond just training, and by supporting people with a broad range of content, processes, tools, and technologies.

The expanded perspective of the Ecosystem 2016 conversation affects all aspects of learning and performance and all of the roles that support them. As such, Ecosystem 2016 is now a conference within a conference, and is included with your Learning Solutions 2016 registration!

Register Now to Save $200 or More

Register for Learning Solutions 2016 by Friday, December 11 to take advantage of the Super Early discount! You’ll save $200 in addition to all other membership, organizational, and group discounts for which you may qualify. Combine registration discounts and save even more. And don’t forget, you’ll get Ecosystem 2016, too!

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Best Of DevLearn DemoFest Webinar: 14 eLearning Examples To Help You Get New Ideas For Your Work

Best Of DevLearn DemoFest Webinar: 14 eLearning Examples To Help You Get New Ideas For Your Work

Last week at DevLearn 2015 Conference & Expo, dozens of conference participants shared their latest learning projects at DevLearn DemoFest, the industry showcase of technology innovations for learning and performance. During DemoFest, DevLearn attendees had the opportunity to see a wide variety of projects that provided solutions to common learning and performance challenges, and to learn about the tools, technologies, and processes that members of The eLearning Guild community used to build these projects. Awards were given in 14 categories.

See some of the award-winning projects shown last week at DevLearn DemoFest and get some new ideas to apply to your own work during the free Best of DevLearn DemoFest Webinar on October 21 at 10:00 AM PT. During this 90-minute webinar you will explore projects from the following categories:

  • Best Academic Solution
  • Best Blended Learning Solution
  • Best Business Process Solution
  • Best Game-based Solution
  • Best Immersive/Simulation Solution
  • Best Mobile Solution
  • Best Onboarding/Employee Orientation Solution
  • Best Performance Support Solution
  • Best Sales Training Solution
  • Best Alternative Solution
  • Best Student Solution
  • Best Vendor  Solution
  • Best Non-Vendor Solution
  • Weejee Learning Award

Register today and see award-winning projects from the industry’s leading event in action!

Register now at

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The Learning Exchange: Share, Learn, Connect

The Learning Exchange From The eLearning Guild

A reoccurring theme heard throughout the conference circuit in the last few years has been the value that people get out of networking. People find value in sharing their work and learning from the work of others. Often, this informal interaction takes place outside of the formal sessions—whether it is in between sessions, in the hallways, over lunch or dinner, or some other place. While the value of conference networking really is irreplaceable, what if there was a place where you could experience the value of networking, sharing, and connecting with professionals just like you, in between conferences? Well now there is!

The Learning Exchange from The eLearning Guild takes peer-based learning to a whole new level by providing a social, easy-to-use platform that enables you to connect, share, and learn with your community without leaving your desk.

What Is the Learning Exchange All About?

Through the Learning Exchange platform you can:

  • Share your experience, knowledge and expertise to help others learn from your efforts
  • Participate in focused conversations around industry topics that interest you
  • Learn from the experience of peers and industry experts alike

What Type of Content Will You Find in The Learning Exchange?

The Learning Exchange is full of more than 100 videos, tutorials, links, infographics, and more, shared by members of The eLearning Guild community. Here is a sample of the kind of content you will find:

How Do You Access the Learning Exchange?

Access to the Learning Exchange is free with a no-cost eLearning Guild Associate account.

Don’t wait, visit the Learning Exchange today and start sharing, learning, and networking with your community!

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DevLearn 2015 – Last Chance!

DevLearn 2015 - Last Chance!

150+ New DevLearn 2015 Learning Opportunities Just Posted!

One of the things that makes DevLearn so special is the informal learning that takes place beyond the session rooms as members of the community share ideas, best practices and solutions to challenges we all face, building valuable relationships with peers that last long after the conference is over.

We’ve just posted more than 150 new learning opportunities taking place at DevLearn 2015:

Explore eLearning in Action: 80+ Projects At DevLearn 2015 DemoFest

See 80+ real-world examples of eLearning in action at eLearning DemoFest, sponsored by Weejee Learning. Explore a wide variety of solutions created by your peers, discuss the tools, technologies, and processes used to build them, and get some great ideas to apply to your work. View the list of presenters!

Join The Conversations: 38 Morning Buzz Discussions

Kick-start your day with a cup of coffee and meet other conference attendees in a relaxed, casual environment, so you can share your best practices, insights, and tips while learning from one another’s experiences. Check out the discussion topics!

High-Voltage Learning: 55 Sessions On The Expo Learning Stages

Get insights and information on the best practices, hottest topics, and most innovative new ideas in learning from peers and leading industry vendors on the five expo learning stages. View the full schedule!

You Still Have Plenty Of Time To Save!

You can still take advantage of several discounts, many of which can be combined!

Don't Miss Out!

Don’t miss this opportunity to network and learn from colleagues around the world. Register today and join the community of industry pioneers, September 30 – October 2, that’s shaping the future of learning, and witness learning innovation in the making!

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Free eBook: 77 Tips On Today’s Hottest Topics From DevLearn Thought Leaders

Free eBook: 77 Tips On Today’s Hottest Topics From DevLearn Thought Leaders

DevLearn is the place where the industry’s foremost thought leaders and innovative doers gather to connect, share, and challenge each other. It’s where the most creative energy in our field gathers to examine the possibilities of today and shape the opportunities of tomorrow.

In this eBook, 77 Tips on Today’s Hottest Topics from DevLearn Thought Leaders, The eLearning Guild explore tips provided to them by workshop presenters from DevLearn 2015 Conference & Expo. These experts explore critical topics and skills for today’s learning and performance professionals, among them Connie Malamed on virtual design; David Ferguson on job aids; Koreen Pagano on learning metrics; and Lou Russell on project management.

Download your copy today at:

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DevLearn 2015: Only 3 Days Left To Save $100 or More!

DevLearn 2015: Only 3 Days Left To Save $100 or More!

Don’t miss the opportunity to join your colleagues from around the world at the largest and most exciting training and learning event in North America—DevLearn, September 30 – October 2 at MGM Grand Las Vegas! Register by end-of-day this Friday, August 14 and save $100—in addition to all other discounts for which you may qualify!

Why Do Learning Professionals Love DevLearn?

Here are a few things some of our attendees have to say about DevLearn, and why they return to the conference year after year:

I look forward to DevLearn every year, not just to attend the great sessions, absorb the wealth of knowledge being shared, peek into the future of learning, or to be challenged to become a better eLearning professional, but to strengthen the connections with people I met before and to make new connections.” — Nancy Reyes

DevLearn is the conference that will look into future developments more than the other conferences. You will see trends emerging at DevLearn and trends that are already there will become much clearer. For me, this is crucial.” — Kasper Spiro

DevLearn, for us, is what learning is about. It is an event that seeks to “play in the unknown,” validates knowledge and ideas, and demonstrates how to apply this new knowledge to effect lasting results.” — Ajay Pangarkar & Teresa Kirkwood

Every single year I find myself walking away with so many exciting thoughts for future learning approaches. I find many of the breakout sessions and keynotes to be not only inspiring, but thoughtful and problem solving.” — Andrew Hughes

Learn more about why industry leaders love DevLearn via the What I Love About DevLearn series on the TWIST Blog.

Interested in adding to the series? Email David Kelly for details at

Register by August 14 & Save $100 or More!

Remember, you must register by end-of-day this Friday, August 14 to save $100 with the Early registration discount—in addition to all other discounts for which you may qualify!

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