L&D / HR Should Be The Architects Of Lifelong Learning

LearningCafe conducted a survey on "Should L&D/HR be Architects of Lifelong Learning in the Workforce?". Results so far indicate that there is lot of support from HR and Learning and Development for supporting lifelong learning in the workforce.

This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Free Webinar: Digital Disruption – “Opportunity And Threat For L&D”

Digital Disruption – "Opportunity And Threat For L&D"

Digital revolution which has been called the "third industrial revolution" – is driving new ways of doing business often at the cost of traditional businesses. A recent report by Deloitte about , "Digital Disruption: Short fuse big bang?", predicts that one-third of the Australian economy faces imminent and substantial disruption by digital technologies and business models.  A case in point is UberX, the low cost ride sharing service has been legalised in NSW disrupting the taxi industry.

Digital disruption requires employees to have the capabilities and mindset to quickly learn and unlearn to keep with pace of change. L&D often find themselves, willingly or unwillingly, supporting the increase pace of Learning and are finding the traditional methods of delivering Learning unresponsive and slow. L&D professionals themselves in many cases have not acquired the skills to deliver results in this new environment. We discuss if L&D will step up or itself be disrupted by others who can provide the answers.

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This post was first published on eLearning Industry.