Character buttons disappear

Hi again, do you ever experience that the Style and Character buttons disappear? I add a shape, enter text, do all the modifications, all fine. When I e.g. want to change font at a later moment, out of nowhere the drop down menu disappears (see below). It happens sometimes, not always. Restarting Captivate doesn’t help. It just reappears at some point. Sometimes after 10 mins, sometimes after an hour… I don’t sit around and wait for it to happen. I do other stuff with functions that are still available and at some point I realize it’s back. Is it just me? I go crazy!

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“Project has expired”


when trying to open one of our projects it says “project has expired”. I read that this is due to the fact that it was created with a trial version. Ever since then I have upgraded to a subscription. I then published the project again with the subscribed version, however it still won’t work…any advice?

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Drag and Drop: Submit button only appears when all drag sources have been dropped

Hi there,

Thank you ever so much for your amazing help so far!

I have a question regarding drag and drop use: I implemented a drag and drop on one slide with each 6 drag sources (DS) and drop targets (DT). Each DS can go into any DT as the order is not important in the end, there is no right or wrong. It’s more a reflective task making learners think.

Now it would be amazing to have the Submit button only appear when there is one DS in each DT, no matter which one is where and there are too many possible answers (if I’m not completely mistaken there must be about 6!=1*2*3*4*5*6=720 order options!?).  Is there any possibility to “tell” the DT-items “when full, submit button appears”?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Best, JN

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Change state variable to endlessly select and deselect an image

Dear community,

I have created a slide in an online module where I ask learners to select up to 4 images. The images are inserted in gray scale (state 1) and when selected change state to their colored version (state 2). Now due to their task it is possible that they decide to deselect an image again after having selected it in the first place.

For this to work I created a variable (“clickendlessly”)  and when running the Advanced Action (conditional) the variable “is equal to 0” so that a click on an image changes its state to state 2 (color). The variable is toggled so “if ELSE” by clicking again it changes back to gray (state 1). So far so clear.

Now, when I switch between the 4 images, e.g. I first clicked image 1 and it changed its color to state 2 and I click on image 2, what happens now is that the first click kind of only selects the image and only when selected by clicking it again the advanced action is “released” and change of state therefore needs a second click. Once selected I can change state again and again. But as soon as I move on to another image I need to select the image first (click 1) and change state/color works only with click 2.

Question: Is that how it is and I have to live with it OR is there any way around it? So that whenever clicking on an image it changes color right away, no need for the “pre selection process”?

Help would be great!

Thanks in advance!


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