Launch of MemoryBox – Spaced Repetition Learning App

PeopleUnboxed has launched a brand-new learning app called MemoryBox, which uses a unique Spaced Repetition algorithm to support knowledge retention. Gamification elements encourage learners to spend just a few minutes every day answering questions specifically tailored to them, to deliver a truly personalised learning experience.

It’s a Winning Trifecta for UpsideLMS at the 2018 Brandon Hall Awards

UpsideLMS wins two Silver awards and one Bronze award at the 2018 Brandon Hall Awards. The two Silver awards recognize UpsideLMS’ achievements in Learning Management Technology (LMT) and Learning Management Technology in Compliance Training (in association with Manzanillo International Terminal, Panama), while the Bronze celebrates its excellence in Mobile Learning Technology.

Academic and Business Intelligence in Learning Organisations

What is the value of academic knowledge and executive education for Learning & Development in the corporate world? How can L&D leaders bridge academic knowledge and business in practice and build a routine of learning in their organisations? MERIT Summit in Vienna, 16-17 January 2019, will bring together corporate and executive education professionals for debates and collaborative exploration on this topic, among many others.