Challenges of Responsive eLearning Development

In a technology-driven world, today's learners use multiple computing devices during the course of a day – primarily for work, some learning, a lot of entertainment, and for reference and support in their decision making. They are on the move and want to use their ‘downtime’ effectively by looking up information when and where it […]

Free Webinar On Keep Learning – How Can We (In Learning) Enable And Facilitate This?

At Upside we believe (very strongly) in the concept of pervasive learning and that learning is continuous. We believe in order to keep learning we must ‘Keep Learning’, a  seminar I recently presented at Learning Technologies 2014, was in fact entitled, 'Keep Learning – How Can We (In Learning) Enable And Facilitate This?'. It was […]

The Aura Of Learning: Technology

Following Alan Samuel’s article on Pervasive Learning "The OMNIPRESENCE Of Learning", he now examines ‘pervasive’ technology and it’s conscious and unconscious effect on learning…and looks for ways to harness and use the incredibly powerful ‘aura’ of knowledge within which we live and work. In my search for all the weird and wonderful technology that we […]

The Omnipresence Of Learning

Over the years we have accepted and moved beyond (not away) from the old concept that learning is best delivered and ‘learned’ formally. The advent of technology accelerated this and brought in new mediums and opportunities for the delivery of learning. To embrace and use new technology we have changed the form of learning materials; […]