Why organisations need to empower employee-led learning

Jane Hart hat wieder ein kleines Paket geschnürt: ein neues Buch (”Learning in the Modern Workplace 2017″), Workshops und ein neues Online-Magazin, “Modern Workplace Learning Magazine”, “that focuses on helping L&D departments do things differently and do different things in order to provide an effective service for today’s workforce”.

Das Magazin enthält derzeit erst drei Artikel. Der Vorliegende ist ein Exzerpt aus dem neuen Buch, ein Teaser, wenn man so will. Er unterstreicht die Notwendigkeit des fortwährenden Lernens, die Vielfalt der Möglichkeiten und Ansätze sowie die neue Rolle, die sich für L&D daraus ergibt: “supporting manager-led learning and empowering employee-led learning”. Ich habe das Magazin mal abonniert und werde beobachten, was sich hier tut.
Jane Hart, Modern Workplace Learning Magazine, 13. Januar 2017

Caveat Auditor: The Role Of Critical Thinking In Modern Business Training

Critical thinking is a fundamental skill related to thinking logically. Critical thinking in modern business is even more important: When employees practice effective critical thinking they are better problem solvers, innovators, decision makers, and they are more likely to think creatively. They are also more organized and use their time more strategically.

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3 Ways To Engage Employees With Your Organizational Culture

Staff training isn't just about delivering operational knowledge. An effective training program should educate employees about what it means to work for the organization. Find out how a social learning platform can help you communicate your organizational culture.

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Why You Should Adopt Learning Portals For Employee Engagement

Learning portals are a great fit for formal training, performance support, and social learning. Their adoption to increase the effectiveness of training is finally gaining momentum. This article outlines how you can use them to step up your employee engagement.

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4 Questions For Evaluating Temporary Learning And Development Talent

When evaluating temporary Learning and Development talent, some of the most important questions are the ones you’ll ask yourself. The following article, with excerpts from SweetRush’s new eBook How To Interview Temporary Talent For Learning And Development Positions, helps you get introspective.

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