How To Audition Temporary Learning And Development Talent

How can you be sure temporary talent can hit the ground running? The following article, an excerpt from SweetRush’s new eBook, How To Interview Temporary Talent For Learning And Development Positions, shows how work samples and tests can help you choose once and choose right.

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11 Predictions to Guide Your Talent Strategy in 2017

“Everything Is Becoming Digital” schreibt Josh Bersin in seinem aktuellen Versuch, die Veränderungen in und um HR auf den Punkt zu bringen. Seine 11 Prognosen sind dann doch etwas genauer: “network of teams” stehen für die Organisationen von morgen; Unternehmen setzen auf “real-time feedback”, um zu erfahren, wie ihre Mitarbeiter ticken; Performance Management wird neu erfunden; dann: “stop designing ‘programs’ und start designing ‘experiences’”, usw.

Schließlich, die 10 und vorletzte Prognose: “The L&D Function Will Continue to Struggle”. Grundlage der Aussage bildet eine kurze L&D Geschichte, von “e-Learning & Blended” (2001) bis “Real-Time. Always On” (2020). Und der Hinweis, dass sich der Bildungsmarkt rasant verändert, mit neuen Anbietern und Angeboten, L&D sich jedoch schwer tut, Fahrt aufzunehmen:

“While all of this progress and wonderfully integrated technology has evolved, the poor corporate learning market has been left behind. Until recently, corporate LMS systems have been designed for the old model of e-learning - they typically have difficult-to-use interfaces and they view video as an afterthought. So most big companies (small companies often have the benefit of starting afresh) are burdened with very complex learning management systems that house all of the company’s compliance training, critical tracking of completions, and arcane business rules which have been built up over decades. This new world of ‘YouTube-style’ learning is just not available.” (35)
Josh Bersin, Bersin by Deloitte, 7. Dezember 2016 (Registrierung erforderlich)


6 Benefits And 6 Challenges Of Hiring Remote eLearning Candidates

A review of what can go well and what may go wrong when recruiting and hiring remote eLearning candidates. Learn ways to overcome any potential challenges of bringing work from home contractors on board and reap the benefits of this arrangement.

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Das Internet der Dinge in der Bildung

Das Internet der Dinge führt uns, das ist die Botschaft dieses Artikels, auch zu Smart Learning Environments (SLEs), “physikalische Räume, die mit digitalen Geräten und Sensoren ausgestattet sind und eine nahtlose Verbindung von virtuellen und realen Umgebungen ermöglichen”. Noch lesen sich die SLEs allerdings mehr als die Fortschreibung moderner Lernplattformen. Die “Dinge” kommen zu kurz. Aber das mag sich schnell ändern. Mit hilfreichen Links zum Vertiefen.
Birgit Frost,, 22. November 2016

How Rwanda’s Education Technology Penetration Measures Up

EdTech keywords such as eLearning and mLearning are real life in Rwanda. The small African country pushes online courses and distance learning to accelerate the educational development of its population. This policy opens the window for global eLearning providers to engage in Rwanda’s education technology.

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Free eBook: Flash To HTML5 – Essential Toolkit For Successful Migration

Migration of Flash to HTML5 is not a cakewalk. Having been there and done that, I can tell you there are many things that you need to consider before your migration exercise. This eBook serves as an effective toolkit for you to plan and execute your migration successfully.

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