How Can You Enhance Your Learning Management System User Experience And Integrations In 2016?

A new Brandon Hall Group study found 44% of companies are considering replacing their Learning Management System in 2016, with nearly 90% of those companies wanting to boost their user experience, and 66% looking to shift toward enterprise learning technology that supports integrations with their favorite business tools.

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From the Archives: Adventures in Dining

Over the years, the practice of making myself uncomfortable and putting myself in unfamiliar situations has proven to be invaluable both personally and professionally.

So much of what I do is help people through the disorienting process of change.  It's a practice that continues to inform my efforts as I walk through implementations with my colleagues and clients. 

April 8, 2008

The Captain and I have a long-running tradition of getting together for dinner before bowling. This tradition has lasted as long as I've lived in the area - through 3 sports, 4 years and more than a couple relationships.

We serve as each other's companion in weird dining. One of us wants to try brains, fugu, crickets, haggis, whatever...we'll call each other first before talking to our respective love interests (much to their relief, I know).

The great thing about living near Washington DC is the diversity of dining choices. If you want to find an esoteric dish - chances are, some local restaurant makes it (though you may have to charm your way into the meal).

Last week, our meanderings sent us looking for a restaurant in the Little Korea section of Annandale. I forget how disorienting it is to not even recognize the letters on the signage in your own backyard. Since neither of us know Korean, we looked for something that resembled a restaurant with a lot of cars in front.

We walked into a Korean noodle parlor. The only way we figured this out was from the waitress repeating "Noodle" as we helplessly pointed at the miscellaneous symbols on the place mat. Finally - we figured to just trust. We wound up with two large bowls of thick noodles. One a black bean-based beef dish. The other, a kimchi-hot seafood stew.

One of the best meals we've had this season.

Occasionally, it's good to put yourself in a situation where you are forced to trust. Often, this is done through travel. But sometimes, you can experience it in your own backyard. It doesn't have to be in foreign languages, just the simple act of going someplace out of your norm.

If I allowed myself to be that disoriented more often, I would be a better educator. I'd be better at recognizing and respecting the shock and awe that comes with encountering something very different and unfamiliar.

Using Surveys To Assess eLearning: Pros And Cons

The value of surveys for evaluating training effectiveness has been up for debate over the past few years. While some professionals now argue against using surveys to assess eLearning, evaluating the impact of training is more important than ever. We revamped our survey process after considering these pros and cons.

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8 Tips For Getting The Right Blend In Blended Learning

How do you design blended learning that has the right balance of in-person and digital experiences? Here are 8 tips to help you analyze your training needs to start planning how to create the right blend in blended learning.

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Are you looking for ways to inspire and motivate your new hires? Do you want to offer them an online training orientation experience that entertains as much as it educates? In this article, I’ll share 7 tips to use serious games in your onboarding online training.

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